MIL Loses It After Mom Purchases 12-Year-Old Her First Thong

One mother on Reddit is at odds with her mother-in-law after she purchased her daughter a new pack of underwear — thongs, to be exact.

And while some people may not be keen on a 12-year-old wearing a thong to school, the mom viewed it as a solution for her daughter’s visible panty lines.

MIL Loses It After Mom Purchases 12-Year-Old Her First Thong
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But her mother-in-law (MIL) believes it is “immoral” and now the two are butting heads.

“My daughter recently mentioned to me that she didn’t like that her panty line showed through her leggings, and that a boy at school mentioned that he could see it. It made her uncomfortable so she asked if there was a way to hide the panty line. I did mention that we go shopping for tops that go over the bum or I could buy her a few pair of thongs.”

“Mind you, my mom bought me thongs at that age, so I never saw it to be an issue. I also talked with husband to make sure he was fine with it, and then went to Walmart and bought her a pack of basic cotton thongs; no designs, lace, or anything that may seem too mature for her age.”

MIL Loses It After Mom Purchases 12-Year-Old Her First Thong
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She went on to reveal how exactly her MIL got involved.

“Last Friday, I drove my daughter 3 hours to spend Labor Day weekend with my MIL and when I went to pick her up late Monday afternoon, my MIL mentioned that she had washed a few of my daughter’s clothes and saw that she had a thong. She thought maybe my daughter got ahold of it somehow from a friend without me knowing.

“When I explained to her that I actually bought them because she was uncomfortable after a boy mentioned he could see her panty outline through her leggings, my MIL became upset with me. She went on how a child should not be wearing thongs or sexy underwear, it’s immoral, and that I am only setting her up to become an issue.”

And after that comment, the mom was confused.

“I wasn’t sure what she meant by issue so I asked her to explain and she said she didn’t want her granddaughter to become promiscuous, dropout of school, and become a teen mom. She mentioned that her sister was very promiscuous and would wear sexy and revealing clothing and got knocked up at 15 (as she put it), and she won’t allow that to happen to her granddaughter.”

MIL Loses It After Mom Purchases 12-Year-Old Her First Thong
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The mom went on, explaining her background on the matter.

“I understood her concern, but I explained to her that I wore thongs at 12 and neither my mom nor I saw them as sexy. I wore them and turned out completely fine. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t a teen mom, a high school dropout, or promiscuous. She still does not agree with it, and now says I’m encouraging promiscuous behavior in her granddaughter.”

“I had a completely different experience when wearing thongs as a preteen/teen. Is allowing a 12-year-old to wear thongs really that bad? Am I the a*****e?”

One person said: “Thongs were invited to prevent panty lines showing. They’re very practical for people wearing tight-fitting clothing.”

While another commented: “For what it’s worth OP I had a couple thongs at 13ish years old. For me it was a way to feel “grown up”. I was very insecure and they made me feel cool. There were a handful of cringey times I deliberately let a thong strap show while wearing a crop top just to feel like a b****s, but overall they were not a big deal. I stopped wearing them in late high school because I just didn’t care anymore and didn’t find them comfortable. I graduated high school early, got married, had kids of my own. Have owned a few small businesses. I’m not rich but I’m not a total failure like your MIL would expect.”

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