This Mom Plans to Regift Her Kids Their Own iPads for Christmas and Wants to Know if That Makes Her a Jerk

Coming up with Christmas present ideas can be tough enough, let alone coming up with the budget to cover everything. Especially if we’re talking iPads.

To give her kids a gift she knows they would enjoy and limit the cash spent this holiday, one mom recently wondered if she could regift her kids their own iPads, or if that make her an **shole.

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This mom wants to regift her kids their own iPads as Christmas presents and wants to know if that makes her an “a**hole.”

This Mom Plans to Regift Her Kids Their Own iPads for Christmas and Wants to Know if That Makes Her a Jerk
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She began the “Am I The A**hole” post on Reddit by explaining that her two children, ages 6 and 7, had iPad minis, but they were taken away much earlier this year after “constantly fighting with each other and just being brats in general.”

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After one particularly bad day, the mom took away the iPads and told the kids they were going to be sold. Since then, neither kid has asked about the missing iPads.

“The kids have been great and I feel they’ve earned them back,” the mom wrote in her post.

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She also noted that “money is super tight this year” so regifting would be a great option for giving gifts the kids will really enjoy without going over budget.

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The first reply was from a thoughtful 15-year-old who wrote, “I would say that that is fair, they lost their iPad for a reason. So giving it back cleaned and with some accessories for Christmas wouldn’t be a dumb thing. I think it would also teach them a lesson or something.”

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Others, of various ages, chimed in, noting that “money’s tight so don’t spend it needlessly. You have gifts ready and waiting and if they go back to being little buggers well that’s next year’s present as well lol.”

Overall, commenters agreed that re-gifting the iPads was a great idea. One even noted that perhaps the mom could write a letter from Santa to explain how the kids earned them back (though many encouraged the OP to write a note or explain herself rather than giving Santa “credit”).

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So no, mama, you are not the “a**hole” in this situation. In fact, we think you’ve found the perfect solution to a problem!

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