Mom Saves 8-Year-Old Son After Seatbelt Gets Wrapped Around His Neck While She Was Driving

Mom Saves 8-Year-Old Son After Seatbelt Gets Wrapped Around His Neck While She Was Driving

A mother is warning others of the unthought-of dangers seatbelts can pose after she had to cut her young son out of one that was suffocating him. It was a Sunday afternoon in September when Siobhan Sherbovich was driving with her children in her car.

During the ride, her 8-year-old son Brayden became tangled in his seatbelt while he was sitting in the backseat. As soon as Sherbovich realized what was happening, she immediately pulled over to save her son’s life.


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Mom Saves Son After Seatbelt Gets Wrapped Around His Neck

It’s unclear exactly how it happened, but Brayden neck had somehow become wrapped in the seatbelt. Brayden was suffocating and went unconscious as Sherbovich struggled to free him.

“Before I could even process anything, he was basically hanging from the ceiling,” she told NBC 10 Boston. “There was blood coming out from the pressure.”

Because the mom couldn’t get the seatbelt to unbuckle, she was thankfully next to a hairsalon, which she had to ran to to get a pair of scissors in order to cut him free. “I was ready to break down windows.”

Those who were working at the salon also helped out by calling 911. “I cut him loose from the top of the ceiling, and he falls out of the car, just completely unconscious, onto the ground,” Sherbovich explained. Thankfully, she revived him while performing CPR.

Sherbovich said when Brayden finally came too, he was very confused. “He just went, ‘What happened? I’m OK’ and just stared at me, looking like he was from another planet.” Police Chief Bob Bongiorno praised Sherbovich in his interview with WBZ for the heroic actions she took to save her son’s life.


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“Let’s face it. Police and fire are trained on how to handle this type of situation. There’s no playbook on a parent how to do it. For her to keep cool, to go into a facility, a salon, get a pair of scissors, come out, cut the seat belt off her son, begin CPR and essentially save his life is just absolutely amazing.”

Now, Sherbovich wants others to know that if something like this could happen to her son, it could happen to others as well. “This could happen to anyone, and the main point is for people to be prepared.” She said she never wants a parent to witness what she witnessed that Sunday afternoon.

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