Mom Spots a Ghost Baby in Her Son’s Crib, Eventually Solves a Hilarious Mystery

The mind can make us see crazy things, like things that aren’t there. Or ghosts, perhaps! But what happens if what you’re seeing really is there, it’s just not what you think you see.

If you’re still a little confused, let this mom-of-two explain. On October 17, Maritza Elizabeth Cibuls was watching her precious baby sleep in his crib. But what she thought she saw next to her sleeping son shook her to her core.

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The mom told CafeMom that around 8:30 p.m., she used the monitor to check on her son. She wrote on Facebook, “So last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son. I was so freaked out, I barely slept.”

Maritza later told CafeMom that “at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.” She said she “tried to ignore it, but it was really starting to creep me out. My husband was working that night, so I was even more freaked out.”

The worried mom added that she even tried to “creep in there with a flashlight while my son was sleeping.” Maritza took pictures and shared evidence of the image she saw on their baby monitor on Facebook. As you can see in the photo, lying right next to her 18-month-old son was a glowing image of a baby that appeared to be slightly younger than him.

mom spots a ghost baby in her son's crib, eventually solves a hilarious mystery | "i tried to ignore it, but it was really starting to creep me out. my husband was working that night, so i was even more freaked out."
Maritza Elizabeth Cibuls/Facebook

Freaky, right? Well, maybe not.

The next morning, the wife and mother decided to investigate further. If there was a ghost visiting their home, she was going to make sure it wouldn’t bother her son.

And what she discovered was that husbands shouldn’t be in charge of putting bedding on a crib mattress. As it turns out, while Maritza “investigated a bit further, it turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets.”

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So last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son. I was so freaked out, I barely slept. I even…

Posted by Maritza Elizabeth on Friday, October 18, 2019

You see, without the mattress protector, the advertisement photo on the mattress was showing through the thin fitted sheet her husband put around it. Martiza joked, “I could kill him.”

And the post soon went viral. So far, the hilarious story has been shared more than 301,000 times and liked over half a million times. Martiza said she and her husband got a good laugh out of the whole debacle, something they’ve been doing a lot more of now that they are parents.

She told CafeMom, “I definitely find myself laughing more at all our crazy parenting adventures. Especially now that we have two [kids] so close in age. Sometimes they do stuff that initially stresses me out. I want to yell, but then I see their cute little faces, smiling up at me, and can’t help but smile back. My daughter always asks me, ‘Mommy, do you want to laugh with me?’ And I do. It’s so much easier to laugh than cry.”

However, they also admitted that they couldn’t believe just how many people took an interest in their story.

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