The Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland Revealed; See How They Compare to the US

Are you curious about what names are trending among new parents in Scotland? Look no further! In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of baby names, revealing the most popular choices among Scottish parents. Names hold a special significance, representing our identity and shaping our lives from the moment we are born. From traditional Scottish names to modern and unique ones, we explore the top picks that have captured the hearts of parents across the country.

Scotland has a rich cultural heritage, and this is reflected in the choice of names for their little ones. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own baby’s name or simply intrigued by the naming trends in Scotland, this post will provide an engaging look into the fascinating world of Scottish baby names. So, join us on this journey as we uncover the top names that have become synonymous with Scottish charm and tradition.

Most Popular Baby Names for Girls in Scotland

1. Olivia

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Olivia remained the top baby name for girls born in Scotland. Olivia is of Latin origin and means “olive tree.” The name is extremely popular in the US as well. In fact, it’s also the most popular baby appellation for girls here.

2. Isla

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Isla is a place name in Scotland, belonging to, you guessed it, an island. It is also the Spanish word for “island.” The name has become very trendy in the US in recent years. It ranks 36th here.

3. Freya

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Freya is a gorgeous name of Norse origin that means “noble lady.” The name is featured in Norse mythology, belonging to the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. The appellation has been popular across the UK for years, and it finally caught on in the US in 2013. It’s climbed ever since. Currently, the name ranks 129th here.

4. Millie

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Full of vintage charm, Millie is the fourth most popular name for girls in Scotland. Millie is short for Mildred or Millicent, coming from a German root meaning “gentle strength” or “strength in work.” Millie has enjoyed a renaissance in the US in the past couple of decades. It’s now more prevalent than ever before here, ranking 127th.

5. Emily

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Emily is a classic that’s always been well-used in the US. It’s the quintessential Gen-Z name here. It ranks 17th today. In Scotland, the name is the fifth most given name. Emily comes from a Latin root that means “rival.”

6. Amelia

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

There’s no denying Amelia’s beauty. The name is roughly similar in popularity in the US and Scotland. Ranking sixth in the Highlands and 4th here. Amelia comes from a German root that means “industrious.”

7. Grace

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

In the Middle Ages, Gracia was the most popular form of this name. It wasn’t until the Puritans adopted it as a virtue name, using its Anglicised form, Grace, that this name took off. The name ranks seventh in Scotland and 35th in the states.

8. Sophie

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Darling Sophie is the eighth most given name in Scotland for baby girls. Sophie is the French form of Sophia, and it means “wisdom.” Sophie is not nearly as popular in the US today. It ranks 63rd.

9. Ava

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Ava is a name found in a variety of naming traditions, including Hebrew, Latin, and German. Thus, it can mean “life,” “bird,” and “island.” It’s the ninth most popular name for girls in Scotland. In the US, it’s seventh.

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10. Ella

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Rounding out the top ten is Ella, a name of German or English origin, meaning “all” and “fairy maiden.” Ella is the 25th most given name for girls in the US.

Most Popular Baby Names for Boys in Scotland

1. Noah

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Noah overtook Jack as the most popular name for boys in Scotland. This Hebrew classic means “rest.” The name is in second place in the US.

2. Jack

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Jack is an extremely popular name that originated in Medieval England. In Scotland, you will also find it as Jock. Jack is simply an English form of John, a name of Hebrew origin that means “God is gracious.” While second in Scotland, Jack ranks fifteenth in the US.

3. Leo

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Lovely Leo ranks third in Scotland and 22nd in the US. Leo is a name of Latin origin that means “lion.” This appellation is a winner for many parents in many countries, from Mexico to Poland.

4. Harris

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Scotland has a unique relationship with the name Harris, and it has performed better in the country than any other. This could be because of the large Scottish island, Harris, that is the epitome of beauty. Harris is a name of English origin that means “son of Harry.” It’s fourth in Scotland, but it does not even rank in the top 1000 in the US!

5. Luca

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Luca is the Italian form of Lucas, meaning “man from Lucania.” Luca is a relatively new success story in the US. It first ranked in the top 1000 here in 2000, and today, it’s 28th. In Scotland, it’s even more beloved, ranking in fifth place.

6. Oliver

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Oliver is slightly more popular in the US than in Scotland. It’s the third most given name in the states and the sixth among Scottish parents. Oliver comes from a Latin root that means “olive tree.”

7. Rory

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

In Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales, Rory is an exclusively male name. In the US, it’s seen as a unisex option. Are American parents doing it wrong? The name is of Gaelic origin, first becoming popular in Ireland, meaning “red king.” It’s the seventh most given baby name among Scottish parents and 280th among American ones.

8. Archie

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

Across the UK, parents have an affinity for nicknames as given names. Archie represents one of the most cherished among them. Archie ranks eighth in Scotland and ninth in England, and it has a long way to go in the US if it wants to catch up. It ranks 377th here. We have Meghan Markle and Prince Henry to thank for the resurgence of the appellation here. Archie is a short form of Archibald, a name of Teutonic origin, meaning “truly brave.”

9. Alfie

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

As with Archie, Alfie is another beloved nickname-turned-given-name in the UK. It is the ninth most given name in Scotland, the sixteenth in England, and 47th in Ireland. The name has never been widely used in the US; however, it was last mildly popular in the late 1960s. Alfie is a short form of Alfred from an English root that means “wise counselor.”

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10. James

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland

James originated in England as a form of the Hebrew name Jacob. The root of the name means “supplanter.” James is one of the Western world’s most beloved appellations that has been popular in many countries for centuries. The name belonged to kings of Scotland and England. It ranks tenth in Scotland and fourth in the US. In the states, James has remained in the top 20 since records began in 1880. Staying power!

As we conclude this exploration into the realm of Scottish baby names, it’s evident that each name carries a unique charm, reflecting the rich heritage and diverse culture of Scotland. Whether traditional or modern, these names are chosen with love and hope for the future. So whether you’re expecting a little one or simply fascinated by naming trends, we hope this post has provided an insightful look into the most cherished names in Scotland. Remember, a name is more than just an identity; it’s the first gift you give your child, a gift they will carry with them all their life.

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