Paris Hilton Criticizes Pink in Newest Memoir for Making Her Feel Ashamed About Her Leaked Sex Tape in 2003

Paris Hilton is having an eventful 2023. Not only did she welcome her first child with husband Carter Reum on January 24, but she most recently released Paris: The Memoir on March 14 – a memoir that details her life and shares numerous coming-of-age stories, some of which have never been told before. 

While there’s a lot to cover in the book, one of the stories receiving a lot of attention takes us back to 2003 – the year her sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked without her consent. It’s a story that has been covered countless times – both by her and just about every media outlet out there. 

Paris was 19 years old when the sex tape was filmed, and Salomon, who was 33, promised her that no one would ever see it. In her book, she explains that she used alcohol and Quaaludes to relax herself. While she didn’t want to do the tape, she did it out of fear after he threatened to find someone else to do it.

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“He said he had every right to sell something that belonged to him — something that had a lot of financial value. More value than my privacy, obviously. My dignity. My future. Shame, loss, and stark terror swept over me,” she wrote in the memoir. Salomon tried to sue her for defamation, but she won a countersuit.

Paris Hilton received a lot of backlash and criticism after the tape was released – criticism that has followed her, even 20 years later. Some of that criticism came from fans, some of it came from the media, and some of it came from celebs – one of which being Pink, who mentioned her in one of her songs.

In her 2006 song ‘Stupid Girls,’ Pink mocks Hilton and the leaked sex tape several times. “Maybe if I act like that / That guy will call me back / Porno paparazzi girls / I don’t wanna be a stupid girl / Baby, if I act like that / Flippin’ my blond hair back / Push up my bra like that / I don’t wanna be a stupid girl,” she sings.

Pink went a step further in the music video for the song, where she clearly mocks and mimics Paris Hilton, painting her in a negative light and even does a parody of the leaked sex tape. The song resulted in Pink receiving a nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2007 Grammy Awards. 

Paris Hilton Has Some Choice Words for Pink

The ‘Stupid Girls’ song helped resurrect Pink’s career, but it came at Paris Hilton’s expense – and she didn’t take kindly to it. In fact, Pink confirmed that she was confronted by Paris, and the two had a brief discussion about the video – a conversation that didn’t result in an apology or regret from the singer.

In Hilton’s newest memoir, Paris is finally calling Pink out – publicly. “When everyone was buzzing about a sex tape of a certain teenage girl from a soon-to-be-hit TV show — a girl who said emphatically over and over that she did not want the tape out there — the takeaway was ‘Stupid Girl’,” she wrote in the memoir.

And this wasn’t the first time Pink lyrically attacked another celebrity. In 2001, during a performance at the AMAs, Pink sang her ‘Most Girls’ song – which mocks Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson over stereotypes. Like her Hilton references, Pink was heavily criticized for belittling women.

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“The world thinks of me as a sex symbol, and I’m here for that because ‘symbol’ literally means ‘icon.’ But when people saw that sex tape, they didn’t say ‘icon’. They said ‘slut.’ They said ‘whore.’ And they weren’t shy about it,” she continued. Paris: The Memoir is out and available for purchase now.

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