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my husband is leaving me for someone younger: where do i go from here?

My Husband Is Leaving Me for Someone Younger: Where Do I Go From Here?

A mom writes in asking for advice about her husband. She says she recently learned her husband is leaving her for a younger woman. He has told her she needs to move out of the house they built together, and even more tragic, they share three children together. This mom doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to. Should she try and stay and fight? Should she just pick up, leave, and move on? Below, the community shares their advice for this mom in need.

is it possible to co-parent without getting the courts involved?

Is It Possible to Co-Parent Without Getting the Courts Involved?

A mom writes in asking for advice about co-parenting. She wonders if any other moms have experience co-parenting their children shared with an ex without the need to go through a court process and settle on an official arrangement. She says she is not technically separated from her partner yet, but it’s coming. He has told her, after they split, she’ll be able to see their child every day and he is adamant they don’t involve the courts. But he also refuses to put a schedule in writing, which worries this mom.

do i have to change my last name once my divorce is finalized? because i really don't want to!

Do I Have to Change My Last Name Once My Divorce Is Finalized? Because I Really Don’t Want To!

A mom writes in asking for advice about last names after divorce. This mom is currently in the process of divorcing her second husband. Though the two don’t share any children together, each has children from their previous marriages. She says despite that, she does not want to change her last name when the divorce is finalized because of the hassle. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband, however, has asked her to change her last name when all is said and done. Does she need to change it? Should she?

megan fox says people have been slut-shaming her after she's moved on following her separation from brian austin green

Megan Fox Says People Have Been Slut-Shaming Her After She’s Moved on Following Her Separation From Brian Austin Green

Despite both Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green admitting that while their separation was hard, it was and has been amicable, people are still shaming Fox for moving on with another man. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, during an episode of his podcast, “…With Brian Austin Green,” the actor shared that they separated after growing apart. However, despite ending their 10-year marriage, Green and Fox have remained focused on their family which consists of their three young sons. “I will always love her,” Green said on his podcast. “And I know she will always love me and I know as far as a family, what we have built, it’s really cool and really special.” RELATED: Brian Austin Green Trolls His Estranged Wife Megan Fox and Her New Boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram Megan Fox Talks About How Often She Is Slut-Shamed Shortly after going public with the news of their impending divorce, Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly began to grow closer. The new duo met while doing a movie together and clearly sparks flew. Now, Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, who was born Colson Baker, are enjoying each other company and they haven’t been shy about it. Both …

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should i send my daughter, who is sick with the flu, to her dad's just because of our custody agreement?

Should I Send My Daughter, Who Is Sick with the Flu, to Her Dad’s Just Because of Our Custody Agreement?

A mom writes in asking for advice about what to do with her daughter, who is sick with the flu. She is conflicted about whether she should send her sick daughter to her father’s. The father thinks that their daughter should still come stay with him, and, per court order in their custody agreement, it is technically his weekend to have her. Still, this mom feels like her daughter shouldn’t go until she’s feeling better. Who’s right?