25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Sci-fi baby names come from the most beloved Science Fiction movies, books, and television. Science fiction writers love to choose obscure, uncommon names for their characters, sometimes going so far as to create names themselves. If you are searching for a peculiar and cool name for your child, you should consider taking inspiration from sci-fi character names.

We decided to take a deep dive into the strange names that have been featured in stories from over the decades. We’ve combed the depths of outer space and dug deep into the innermost core of middle earth to find the coolest monikers for your daughter. Choosing a baby name for girls doesn’t have to be such a challenge. If you’re a fan of a certain genre or author or poet, look to that art for inspiration! From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, here’s a list of unique science fiction baby names for girls. They’re truly out of this world.

25. Aeryn

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Aeryn Sun from Farscape was given an exceptional name. Aeryn is a fun alternative spelling of Erin, an Irish name that means “from the island to the west.” We’re all for invented names and this one is familiar enough to work in the real world (whatever that is).

24. Anastasia

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Anastasia Dualla is an Officer Crew Specialist in Battlestar Galactica. While Anastasia is an ancient name with Greek and Italian origins, it does have a fantasy sort of quality to it. The name means “resurrection.”

23. Arya

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Arya is an excellent name that is a variation of Aria, which means “song” or “air.” Arya was rather exotic until it was used for one of the most beloved characters in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Thanks to him and the excellent qualities of the character he wrote, Arya has now landed in the top 100 most popular names in the US.

22. Astrid

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Your favorite character in the sci-fi series, Fringe, Astrid was not only exceedingly skilled and tech-savvy, but she also had a heart of gold. She had a fitting name that has Scandinavian roots that can be traced back to Old Norse. The name means “divinely beautiful.”

21. Aurora

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

The name Aurora has been used many times in popular fiction. Most famously, you’ll find Princess Aurora from Disney‘s Sleeping Beauty. The name is ancient and can be traced to the Romans who used the name for the goddess of dawn. Thus, the name means “dawn.”

20. Clara

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Clara Oswald is one of the most recent companions of the Doctor in Doctor Who. This name has vintage charm while still sounding fresh and timeless. Clara has Latin origins and means “bright” or “clear.” The name is currently trending with parents in the US and it’s become a top 100 favorite.

19. Cora

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Cora was the given name of Siri of Battlestar Galactica. Another notable character with this name is Cora Munro, the fictional hero of The Last of the Mohicans. Cora, like Clara, has vintage charm. We must admit, it’s one of our all-time favorite names. The name has Greek origins and means “maiden.”

18. Echo

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Joss Whedon’s sci-fi series Dollhouse featured the hero, Echo. The name has roots in Greek mythology and belonged to a nymph whose unrequited love for Narcissus caused her to fade away until all that was left was the sound of her voice. The name has a ring to it… ring to it… ring to… ring… ri…

17. Elora

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Elora Danan was a character in the 1988 fantasy film Willow. Elora is another form of the Hebrew name Eloria that means “the Lord is my light.” Elora is one example of a diminutive name becoming more popular than the original. Elora is in the top 1000 names for girls in the US, while Eloria is not.

16. Eowyn

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

A literary name created by J. R. R. Tolkien for a Lord of the Rings noblewoman of Rohan. The name actually has roots in Old English and means “horse lover.” Pronounced Ay-oh-win, it would make for an offbeat choice. We’re all for those!

15. Felicity

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

You might know the character, Felicity, as an MIT grad who’s a member of Team Arrow. This absolutely perfect name has Latin origins and means “good fortune” or “happy.” This name fell off the charts for a few decades, but we’re happy to find it back in the top 400 in recent years.

14. Fleur

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Readers meet Fleur Delacour for the first time in the Triwizard Tournament in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But, this brilliant girl proves her bravery far beyond the battle. This very French means “flower.” While the name hasn’t taken off here, it’s very popular in Europe and is having a moment in Holland right now.

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13. Glinda

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Glinda is famous as the name of the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz, invented by author L. Frank Baum. but has there ever been a real-life, non-fictional Glinda? Not in the US last year. The name may be related to the Welsh Glenda, itself a 20th-century invention. It’s totally fine to use a totally made-up name! They have to come from somewhere!

12. Kamala

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Kamala is a popular teenage shapeshifter in the Marvel comics. She’s also known as Ms. Marvel. Kamala is a name that we see trending for girls thanks, in no small part, to Senator Kamala Harris who just might be the first female Vice President of the US. This name has Hindi roots and means “lotus.”

11. Kara

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Kara, the fighter pilot from Battlestar would go on to sacrifice it all for humanity’s sake. Kara is a touch more popular than Cara right now. You’ll find the name used around the world as it has roots in a number of languages and traditions. In Norse mythology, Kara was the Valkyrie, lover of Helgi, who charmed his enemies in battle by enchanting them with song. The name means “dear” or “friend” or “face.”

10. Nyota

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Where the Star Trek fans at? For the Trekkies out there, Nyota is the name of a strong-willed communications officer. In Swahili, Nyota means “star.”

9. Padme

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Padmé Amidala, played by Natalie Portman, was one of the main characters in the Star Wars prequels, the mother of Luke and Leia. Padme is a completely fabricated name but sounds similar to the popular Padma, which might make it an attractive alternative for parents. Padma comes from Sanskrit and means “lotus.”

8. Raven

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Raven Darkholme is the real name of Mystique, the hero of the X-Men films played by Jennifer Lawrence. And there is another Raven superhero in Teen Titans. Raven is more common than you’d expect and it’s in the top 500 most popular names in the US. This animal name is also a perfect choice for nature-lovers.

7. Ripley

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

The name Ripley reflects the powerful character played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films. It was chosen by actress Thandie Newton for her daughter. Ripley is an English name, more common as a surname, which means “clearing in the woods.”

6. River

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

River is a subtle nature name that’s exceptionally beautiful. The name belonged to a justice-loving adventurer in Doctor Who. This stylish name is a popular gender-neutral choice which is probably why it’s ranked as the 214th most popular name in the US.

5. Sorsha

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

For fans of Willow, Sorsha should look familiar to you. This rare name is an alternative form of the Irish name Sorcha (pronounced SOR-ca) which means “shining.” If you’re after an alternative to Cersei, this would be the ticket.

4. Teyla

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Teyla Emmagan from Stargate Atlantis is skilled in martial arts and technology. She also was given a fabulous name. In fact, this name is completely fabricated. We love it. It’s like a fun version of Taylor and could be used instead of Kayla.

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3. Willow

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Your favorite character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow was the perfect friend and sidekick. Her geeky charms were undeniable and we could say the same about the grace and beauty of this name. Willow is an English name that refers to the “willow tree,” which is thought to possess magical powers. You might have noticed the name is having a moment. It’s currently a top 50 pick.

2. Xena

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Television’s most campy and beloved warrior princess, Xena had a powerful-sounding Greek name. But, the name has a softer meaning: “guest.” We love this name and think it would be a great option for parents who want an “X” name with some edge.

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1. Zira

25 Space-tacular Sci-Fi Baby Names for Girls

Zira has been used as a character name in numerous movies, including The Lion King II and Planet of the Apes. This name can be found in Swahili, Hebrew, Berber traditions. Because of its varied use, the name can mean “hatred” or “messenger” or “moonlight.”

There you go! 25 Sci-Fi baby names for girls that are totally wonderful. Most of these names are based in the real world but some are completely cooked up by writers. And, we feel that’s totally fine! Be bold! Be brave!

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