Shawn Johnson Shares Video of Herself Telling Her 3-Year-Old Daughter She’s Pregnant

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East are sharing how their 3-year-old daughter Drew reacted to the news of their pregnancy.

In the video, Johnson is seen telling Drew that there was a baby in her tummy, a piece of information that shocked Drew enough to make her gasp. She then followed up her shock with several different questions, one more funnier than the last.

Drew asked why the baby wasn’t coming out and if she could get more sprinkles to make cookies. But the funniest of all the questions was at the very end of the video, when Drew asked her mom why milk wasn’t coming out of her boobs. Kids truly say the darndest things.

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East have some exciting news to share with their fans and followers – they’re pregnant! The couple took to their YouTube account to reveal they’re expecting their third baby together and share some of the behind-the-scenes of the year-long process that started in July 2022.

It wasn’t an easy process and was fit with a lot of disappointment as the couple wrestled with false hope time and time again, but they remained resilient and ultimately learned they were pregnant on April 17, 2023. While fans have speculated a pregnancy in recent months, the East family kept it under wraps. 

In addition to the YouTube video, which was posted on July 12, Shawn Johnson shared the sweet surprise on her Instagram. She first shared a photo of her sitting down by the Olympic logo and told her followers to ‘swipe for a surprise.’ The second photo showed Johnson standing up with a baby bump. 

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While the couple’s journey began in July 2022, it wasn’t until September 2022 that they suspected an incoming baby. She started to experience pregnancy symptoms, including a drop in body temperature, frequent urination (despite not drinking a lot of water), and a stomach that wouldn’t stop growling.

The test came back negative in September, but the couple kept trying. The next test came in December and, while it came back positive, the couple confirmed it was a ‘quick loss’ – leaving them with ‘low spirits’ but ‘high hopes.’ A few months later, Shawn Johnson was all-but-certain she was pregnant with a baby. 

“I don’t know how to explain it – it’s like a soul feeling. It’s weird,” she said on February 20. She got her hopes up again, went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test, and took it – but still, no baby was in the oven. Another couple of months passed and they took another test, but they were disappointed yet again.

A few days later, she still had pregnancy symptoms and decided to take another test to make sure – and it was positive! In the YouTube video, Shawn Johnson couldn’t help but acknowledge how blessed they are to be having another baby – especially considering the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ the couple went on. 

Shawn Johnson Wanted to Keep it a Secret for as Long as Possible

The couple had to wait 10 months for that positive pregnancy test, but it was well worth the wait. In the video, Andrew East shared his excitement over the potential due date of their third baby, which could fall on or near his father’s birthday – which would mean a lot because his father passed away on Dec. 27. 

And while the excitement was real, Shawn Johnson revealed there’s also a lot of nerves with this baby – especially if she thinks about it too much. She has gone through a pregnancy several times before and knows what to expect by now, but admits she’s not 100% ready for everything that comes with it. 

She also admitted to wanting to do things differently this time around. In the past, the couple announced the pregnancy right away and didn’t take any time to enjoy the news in private. With their third baby (fourth if you include their miscarriage in 2017), they wanted to keep it a secret for as long as possible. 

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“Baby No. 3 – coming this winter! Let’s go! I’m excited,” Andrew East said in the video. “I’m the most excited I’ve been. The baby thing is fun, kids are great – who knew! It has been a long road to get here,” he continued. The incoming baby will join their daughter, Drew Hazel East, and son, Jett James East.

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