The 20 Funniest Dads on Twitter

There’s a reason the term “dad jokes” is such a thing. While they may make teenagers cringe, dad jokes can also bring us many laugh-out-loud moments during the ridiculously entertaining (and sometimes frustrating!) chaos that is home life with children.

Whether your kids are little or not-so-little, you’ll get a kick out of these 20 dads on Twitter who thankfully save their best material for the internet.

The 20 Funniest Dads on Twitter

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn

A dad of four girls, James has built quite a following from his hilarious tweets and Exploding Unicorn content. In addition to his entertaining Twitter feed, he’s also written four parenting books, including Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and Prance Like No One’s Watching, a Guided Journal for Exploding Unicorns.  

The Dad

The Dad shares hilarious conversations with his kids via Tweet and what he calls “Dad Law” observations. In addition to his entertaining Twitter feed, The Dad also runs an online store that sells some punny merchandise perfect for the dad in your life.  

Simon Holland

Simon is perhaps best known for his dry sense of humor and hilarious observations about being a dad to young kids, marriage, and the trials and tribulations of having to adult on a regular basis.


This dad of three describes himself in his Twitter bio as being voted ‘bad at silly voices’ by one of his children, ‘rubbish at football’ by another and “the youngest just screams at me so I don’t know.”

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The Brooklyn-based dad shares hilariously honest conversations he has with his young son and daughter that are sure to hit home if you’ve ever tried to negotiate with a three-year-old (word of warning: don’t bother).

Father With Twins

The dad of 10-year old twins shares his favorite – and not so favorite – parenting moments on Twitter, as well as contributes stories to Parents Magazine, Buzzfeed, HuffPost Parents, and more.

Henpecked Hal

Henpecked Hal shares his favorite parenting and marriage insights, as well as general life observations for a consistently hilarious Twitter feed.

A Bearer of Dad News

The dad of two is a former teacher who decided to become a stay-at-home dad, according to the bio on his website. In addition to sharing funny tweets, he runs the site Channillo where he shares humorous parenting essays.


The dad of two writes that he’s “finding humor in fatherhood, ADD, adoption, and autism,” sharing funny observations about life with kids and marriage on Twitter.


The LA-based dad-of-one and writer shares his thoughtful and funny thoughts about parenting and marriage on his feed.

How to be a Dad

Dad Andy shares his thoughts on fatherhood on Twitter and his blog of the same name. As he writes on his blog, Andy is not an expert in “dadology,” but is an expert in entertaining parents.

Dad and Buried

The dad of two shares his funniest parenting moments on Twitter, as well as on his podcast of the same name.

The Real American Dadass

This dad describes himself as a “dad to 4 pint-sized dictators” who shares hilarious moments from his day-to-day life on Twitter.

Dadman Walking

This Nashville based dad of three, ages 10, 7 and 5, describes himself as an introvert, but he’s not afraid to share his funniest inner thoughts on Twitter.

Jack’s Dad

A self-described “ordinary dad of two” and “husband of one,” this UK-based dad regularly shares his funny parenting observations.

Dad on My Feet

This adoptive dad describes himself as “relentlessly positive” and shares his positively funny thoughts on parenthood and marriage in short snippets.

The Dad Briefs

This Florida-based dad shares his thoughts on everything from the best egg sandwiches to new bug sprays on the market, as well as funny parenting observations.


A dad of four-year-old twins, TwinzerDad shares his musings on managing life with two toddlers.

QuaranTWIN Dad

A dad of toddler twins and a teacher, @dadisgrumpy shares curmudgeonly observations about dad life.

Dad’s Puns

Much like dad jokes, who doesn’t love a good pun? In addition to running his Twitter feed, this dad also sells punny t-shirts through his website.

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