Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Introducing the Most Popular Baby Names for Girls in 2020 as Predicted by

We’ll have to wait for months for the Social Security Administration to release its finding on baby naming data. It wasn’t until September of this year that they released their statistics on babies born in 2019. That doesn’t mean we are completely in the dark about baby naming trends in 2020. Luckily, the folks at, one of the largest baby name databases, track what names are currently popular.

According to their website, compiles the favorite lists of expecting parents which turns out to be an excellent indicator, and more often than not, a predictor of the most popular names for babies in 2020. Are you curious as to what new parents are naming their baby girls this year? Here are the 25 most popular baby names of 2020. It’s unofficial but it’s rarely wrong!

25. Ella

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Ella! Ella is such a classic name with cross-cultural appeal as its found in Hebrew, English, German, and Scandinavian traditions. If Baby Names is correct, the name will see a slight dip in popularity in 2020. It’s still a favorite! It’s just trending down. The name means “completely, all, fairy maiden, goddess, or pistachio tree.” Take your pick!

24. Eleanor

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Eleanor is expected to gain ground in 2020 and receive more favor from new parents. Eleanor is an English form of the French name Alienor which potentially means “other Aenor” but the jury’s out on that. Of course, Ella is a common nickname for Eleanor so these two names are definitely related.

23. Vivienne / Vivien / Vivian

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

No matter how you slice it, Vivian is actually a really popular name these days. The SSA does not collapse names with different spellings into the same slot so you won’t find Vivian on the list until you’re at the 96th spot. We like the BN does it because it gives us a better picture of the name’s standing.

Vivian is the most popular spelling of the three and it has Latin origins. This romantic name means “life.”

22. Isabella

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Isabella is a name that’s expected to decline in popularity in 2020. This name was in the top 10 and BN predicts that it will slip several positions this year. Isabella is the preferred Spanish and Italian form of Elizabeth, an English name with Hebrew origins that means “pledged to God.”

21. Lily / Lilly

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

According to the SSA, Lily was the favored spelling of this name and it ranked in the top 50. Lilly ranked in the top 200 but taken together, this name and its spellings will most likely hold steady in 2020. Lily is an English flower name that refers to the beautiful white blossom.

20. Adelaide

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Now, this vintage name is expected to make a huge splash in 2020 and be given to more babies in the US than ever before. Adelaide is a German name that comes from Adelheidis which we can also thank for the singer Adele‘s moniker. Adelaide means “nobility.”

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19. Grace

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Grace is another baby name we can expect to be more popular in 2020. Grace is set to improve her standing by about 5 spots. Grace is an English virtue name that was popular among Puritans and it’s been popular in the US since their arrival.

18. Audrey

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Audrey is another name that’s trending in the right direction this year. Audrey is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Aethelthryth, the name that later evolved into Ethelred. The English name means “noble strength.” If BN is correct, 2020 will make this name the most popular it’s ever been in the US.

17. Abigail

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Abigail is a classic Hebrew name for girls which is expected to slightly slide in popularity this year. BN predicts that it will go from its current spot at 11 to 17. This beautiful name which gives us the attractive nickname Abby means “joy of the Father.”

16. Freya / Freja

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Expect to hear more Freya and Freja a lot this year as this name is expected to make a huge leap from the top 200 to the top 25! Freya is the preferred spelling by parents in the US for this Scandinavian name with Old Norse origins that means “Goddess of love.” This name is going to be huge!

15. Chloe

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Chloe is a name that’s slowly been inching up the popularity charts over the past several years. 2020 just might be the most popular year to give this name in US history! Chloe is a romantic name with Greek origins that means “blooming.”

14. Sophia / Sofia

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Sophia is a more popular spelling than Sofia in the US. Sophia was the fifth most popular name for girls in 2019. BN indicates that this name will hold steady in 2020 and could get even more popular. This stunning Greek classic means “wisdom.”

13. Nora / Norah

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Nora is the favored spelling of this handsome baby name for girls. Nora will likely slip a little bit this year and will, no doubt, be in or around the top 25 once alternative spelling, Norah is taken into account. Nora is an Irish name with Greek origins that means “light.”

12. Maeve

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Maeve is on fire! Maeve appears in Irish mythology in two forms, one as the powerful Queen of Connacht, the other as the queen of the fairies. Maeve was in the top 250 in 2019, but expect it to be more popular than ever before in the US in 2020. BN expects the name will land in the top 25 for the first time this year! The name means “she who intoxicates.”

11. Scarlett / Scarlet

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Scarlett is the more popular of these two common spellings. Scarlett will likely hold steady in 2020 as it has for the past decade. No big news with this beloved English name that means “red.”

10. Hazel

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Another English name, Hazel is expected to hold steady or slip just a spot or two in 2020. This subtle nature name refers to the hazel tree. The name beat its former best (way back in 1950) in 2011 and has been near the top 25 ever since.

9. Isla

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Expect Isla to gain a lot of ground in 2020. The name’s been slowly climbing the charts since 2009 and BN expects to break through in a big way this year. This gentle Scottish (and Spanish) name means “island.” We probably have actor Isla Fisher to thank for the surge in popularity of this wonderful name.

8. Luna

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Expect to see Luna climb into the top 10 in the US for the first time ever. Luna is a wildly popular name with appeal that’s easy to understand. This Latin name offers a touch of romance and means “moon.” We love this name so much!

7. Aria / Arya

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Aria is the more popular of these spelling but both land in the top 100 independently. Aria is expected to slip slightly next year, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of love for this charming, song name. The Italian name means “air; melody.”

6. Ava

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Expect the indefatigable Ava to hold strong in the top 10 again as it has since 2000. Ava is one name that’s found in so, so many traditions. The Hebrew, Latin, German, and Persian languages all use this blissful name. Therefore, the name can mean “voice; life; bird; water, island.”

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5. Olivia / Alivia

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Olivia is one of the most popular names for girls in the World. This gorgeous Latin name refers to the olive tree. Olivia was the most popular name for girls born in 2019. BN thinks it will match that popularity or slip a spot or two. Personally, we don’t think this name will be found anywhere except the number one spot in 2020.

4. Violet

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Violet is never far from mind for new parents mulling what to name their daughter. Violet has been trending up since the eighties. BN predicts it will be even more popular this year. This English flower name with Latin origins means “purple.”

3. Aurora

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Another mover and shaker this year is Aurora. Aurora has been on a stead]y climb since 1970. This absolutely gorgeous name has Latin origins and means “dawn.” We think BN could be getting ahead of their skis with this prediction, but only time will tell.

2. Charlotte

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

Charlotte has been an exceedingly popular name for girls since records were recorded in the US. This beautiful name is the feminine form of Charles which means “free man.” Charlotte was number 6 in 2019 and BN predicts it will improve its standing slightly. We’re not mad about it!

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1. Amelia / Emilia

Top 25 Baby Girl Names of 2020 According to

“Rankings combine the stats for different spellings of the same name, for example, Aidan and Aiden,” the database’s website says. So we get two variant spellings of the same name in the number one spot. This marks a big leap from the number seven spot all the way to the leader of the pack. Amelia is a German name that means “work.” Emilia, although it sounds identical, is the Latin feminine version of Emil which means “rival.”

There you go! The top 25 baby girls of 2020 according to Baby Names. What do you think of these predictions? You really can’t argue with any of these names as they’re all wonderful options. The only question for parents to ponder is whether they want their daughter to have one of these wildly popular ones or buck the trend and try something completely different.

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