25 Unbelievable Makeup Transformations from Annie Thomas

If you’re a TikTok user, chances are you’ve seen the incredible work of makeup artist Annie Thomas. She’s amassed a huge following of fans who all delight in her nostalgia-inducing makeup looks of your favorite cartoon characters. She uses a great deal of makeup, of course, but she also employs paper and other creative materials to create phenomenal looks, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The TikTok star has embodied everyone from Barbie to Ursula and even Adam Sandler. “I originally started my Instagram to practice special effects makeup [after] being inspired by FaceOff on SYFY, but I randomly decided to do a cosplay of the character Cynthia from Rugrats,” Thomas told Allure. Ever since then, she’s been recreating classic cartoon and fantasy characters from many different franchises. The result is millions of fans on TikTok, where she’s found her digital home, who get a kick out of seeing their childhood faves in human form. We decided to take a look at some of the best transformations and share them with you. Here are 25 Annie Thomas makeup looks that will blow your mind.


Meet Annie Thomas. Here she is in a glam makeup look. “I actually get a lot of requests for regular glam makeup but I guess because I see myself like this all the time I think that you guys would be bored by it, but here we go!” she captioned this photo. We’re not bored! We did want to give you a baseline before we move forward to the more outrageous makeup on this list.


“I created a Barbie look last year but I really wanted to recreate it with the painted-on smile to fully embody her!” Thomas writes. The painted-on smile truly does take this look over-the-top. We think she nailed it.


Dobby is a beloved character from the Harry Potter franchise. “I’ve put this look off for such a long time because I didn’t think that I could do him justice, but I gave it a shot anyway!” she wrote. We think she did right by the little house elf.

Mamá Imelda

Mamá Imelda from Coco looks absolutely beautiful and haunting here. She even painted her body to bring you the full skeletal effect.


It’s a touch unnerving, but here’s Thomas’ take on Woody from Toy Story. The way his cheeks blush over her eyes is so wild!


This Gremlins look has us green with envy. Have you chosen your Halloween costume yet? Would you be up for trying your hand at this?


As promised, here is comedian Adam Sandler as styled by Annie Thomas. She totally nailed this celeb recreation.

Edna “E” Mode

One of the best characters from The Incredibles has been lovingly recreated by the artist here. She explained that she blacked out the sides of her face and upper neck to create the perfect shape.


Thomas recreates many characters from SpongeBob Squarepants and here’s the main guy himself. By using paper, the artist has transformed the shape of her face into a perfect block.


“Split faces are my all-time favorite looks to do, I love mixing glam with a cartoon character,” she captioned this photo. On the left, we find the artist, and on the right, Rick from Rick and Morty. Absolutely wild!


Here’s another uncanny creation of Yzma from “The Emperor’s New Groove.” The little details like the spidery lashes help bring this character to life.

Corpse Bride

Here’s a haunting Corpse Bride complete with milky eyes. The Tim Burton-inspired look includes a very long, slender neck that’s very convincing.


“If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.” Cruella de Vil is one of the best Disney villains ever and Thomas has imagined her with extremely sharp cheek bones, just like the cartoon.


Thomas looks fantastic as Poppy from Trolls. We love the sparkle freckles on the cheek and that rosy nose.


Here, we find Maleficent in both live-action and animated forms. The reveal of the cartoon version of the villain in the center is such a thrill.


It’s clear that Thomas, like many of us, has a soft spot for the Disney villains. They’re all so good. She really went to town on her interpretation of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


We’re not sure why this frightens us, but it most certainly does. “I heard there was a new Minions movie coming out so I came up with a makeup look that will give you night terrors for years to come,” Thomas captioned this image. Yes, she’s right.

The Mayor

Here’s a cosplay version of The Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s the shape of the mouth that really sells this look.

Queen of Hearts

“Off with her head,” Thomas wrote. Here, we find the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland with a severed head. This is so creepy!

Elsa & Anna

The artist explained that she created both characters then, “edited them together since I didn’t have a split color wig.” We’re impressed!

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Betty Boop

Boop boop bee doo! Thomas looks mesmerizing as the classic cartoon character. Look how she’s crafted paper to a headband to pull this off. Amazing!


“Who else had a Ferby and was terrified of it at night?” Thomas asked in the caption. “I had to keep it in the basement when I went to sleep because it would randomly start talking in the middle of the night, and it’s one eye would only half-open!” This did, indeed, happen to many a child. We’ve all heard stories!


We weren’t expecting to see Shego from Kim Possible, but we were pleasantly surprised. The way Thomas creates the eyes for so many of these characters is fascinating.

Miss Argentina

We think Thomas might be a huge Time Burton fan because we found a number of looks inspired by his films. Thomas as Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice is a dead ringer.

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Princess Jasmine

“You have been asking for more Disney Princess’ so here you go!” Thomas wrote. She did not disappoint! We love her take on this princess and how she’s even painted the iconic hairstyle onto her body! Wow.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these unworldly makeup transformations from Annie Thomas.

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