Viral Video: People Can’t Stop Relating to a Video Four Comedians Made Called the ‘Husbands of Target’

It’s difficult enough to peruse the aisles of any store with an impatient toddler, but try adding an unhappy husband to the mix. In fact, by visiting any local Target, you’ll likely find a husband reluctantly roaming the aisles, bored out of his mind. 

This very predicament was the inspiration for a hilarious new video featuring husbands “tailgating” in a Target parking lot. The now-viral video has been aptly named the “Husbands of Target.”

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The “Husbands of Target” features Miles, Penn, Charlie, and Taylor, all who have found themselves, once again, waiting on their wives in the parking lot of their local Target. And then they find each other, Romper reports.

Comedian Charlie Berens shared the video that follows a group of husbands who found each other while waiting for their significant others to finish their Target runs. The group finds themselves with enough time to play poker, set up a BBQ, and throw a football around during their wait. 

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Skit Titled the ‘Husbands of Target’ Goes Viral Because Everyone Can Relate

As one of the men explains, “We’re not a boys’ club or a social club. We’re just a group of husbands collectively waiting for our wives in the Target parking lot.”

The group even manages to set up a carwash fundraiser so that they could buy a television that would be later set up in Penn’s van. One husband adds that he’s such a regular in the parking lot, that Target took notice and offered him a job. “Last week I clocked 12 hours,” he shared. 

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The validation we all needed. You’re welcome.

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Not surprisingly, the video quickly went viral, striking a chord with many couples out there. Women were quick to call out their husbands for their impatience, saying they should join this crew, while husbands finally felt seen. 

Lonely Target husbands, the next time you find yourself waiting around at your wife’s favorite store, pack a football, some patience, and look around for your people! Because as the video states, you’re not alone.

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