Rare Viral Video Shows Baby Kicking Inside Mother’s Amniotic Sac After Being Born

There are few things more exciting than feeling your unborn child move inside of you for the first time. Whether it’s a small flutter or a powerful kick, we typically rely on our imagination to know exactly what baby is up to.

Now, a video of a baby being born still inside the amniotic sac is giving us an exciting glimpse into what it actually looks like when a baby gets active and begins to kick inside their mother’s womb, according to CafeMom.

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Midwife Amelia Lamont shared the video to her Instagram account in November and it quickly went viral, racking up more than 41,000 views. “No one is sure where this video originated from or the gestation of this baby but far out how incredible is this?” Amelia wrote on Instagram. 

Viral Video Shows Baby Kicking Inside Amniotic Sac After Birth

Viral Video Shows Baby Kicking Inside Amniotic Sac After Birth

“A clearly premature or growth-restricted Bub being born via Cesarean section still encapsulated in its caul (amniotic sac) — Very rare but this obstetrician obviously gave these parents a beautiful calm Caesarian section.. unbelievable seeing the fluid, space and movements bub has in its little home for so long .. love love love,” Amelia continued.

En caul births are quite rare and occur when the baby is born still inside the amniotic sac. According to Healthline, this type of birth occurs in less than 1 in 80,000 deliveries. And Instagram users were quick to comment on the extraordinary video. 

Viral Video Shows Baby Kicking Inside Amniotic Sac After Birth

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“What an amazing capture by the photographer! This is so beautiful,” one person wrote. “Those are some powerful little legs,” another added.

“Beautiful and this kid is enjoying the legroom!” How special is it that this photographer was able to capture this miraculous moment?

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