Woman Uses Fake Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket to Reveal Pregnancy, You Must See Her Husband’s Reaction

A mother from Arizona shared the original way she revealed some big news to her husband involving a fake lottery ticket. And, it’s golden. Hayli Baez and her husband Rick are already parents to a two-year-old named Hazel and, if all goes to plan, she will be a big sister in short order.

Hayli decided to break the news of her pregnancy by giving him a gag scratch-off lottery ticket. The best part is that she recorded a video of it and has uploaded it to YouTube. His very surprised and exuberant reaction tells you just how effective this mom’s creative gimmick is. Watch below!

Watch as a husband get’s the surprise of a lifetime after his wife gives him a gag scratch-off lottery ticket.

The video clip begins with Hayli running in a room after she learns that she is pregnant. She closes herself inside and exclaims, “I’m pregnant!” several times. Her excitement is palpable. She shows the camera her positive pregnancy test like she’s just aced it.

Then, the happy mom details her plans for how she wants to break the news to Rick.

Woman Uses Fake Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket to Reveal Pregnancy, You Must See Her Husband's Reaction
Becoming Baez / YouTube

Filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement, the camera Hayli sets up in their dining room captures her dancing and waving her arms in anticipation. When Rick finally makes into the room with her, she tells him to scratch off some old lottery tickets that she found.

“Three gold bars,” Rick excitedly says in the video, indicating a prize would be imminent.

Woman Uses Fake Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket to Reveal Pregnancy, You Must See Her Husband's Reaction
Becoming Baez / YouTube

Rick scratches off the prize box to discover that the ticket says he won a baby. It takes him a moment to put together what Hayli has set up, but once he does he explodes in joy. He screams in excitement and then embraces his wife. It’s so pure!

The video is so wonderful but fans of the social media influencer were also treated to a sneak peek with a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement on Hayli’s Instagram. She shared a photo of her family of three and wrote in the caption that it will soon be a “party of four.”

In another post, she updated fans with more details about how far along she is, writing that she is “10 weeks.” She also described how “miserable” it’s been so far. “My daily routine for about a month was bed ➡️ bathroom ➡️ couch,” she wrote. “I’m still feeling pretty garbage, but my medication has helped a TON and I’m starting to feel a *little* more like myself. Second trimester PLEASE hurry.”

“Miss Haze is so jazzed,” Hayli said of the soon-to-be big sister. She explained that she asks her daughter every day if she wants a baby brother and baby sister. “About 80% of the time she says sister,” she shared. “She’s going to be the best big sister,” the proud mom added.

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We are so thrilled for this growing family and feel lucky to see such a tender video. We’ll take all the good news we can get these days!

If you’d like to replicate Hayli’s reveal to share your own big news, click here. The link will take you to one of the best packs of these gag scratch-off tickets available on Amazon.

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