10 Reasons to Let The F-bombs Fly

Have you been told that cursing isn’t lady-like?

Well, F that shit! You have science on your side. An f-bomb can supply just the right amount of color to get your point across, and there is plenty of research that says it’s good for your physical and emotional health.

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The next time you’re ready to drop an f-bomb, do so with confidence while reaping the potential benefits:

1. It eases pain.

In a research study published in the journal NeuroReport, college students plunged their hands into cold water to see how long they could withstand the freezing temps. Those who uttered the expletive of their choice reported less pain and lasted about 40 seconds longer than those who were forced to chant a neutral word. After leading the study, researcher Richard Stephens of Keele University in England said, “I would advise people, if they hurt themselves, to swear.”

2. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid or ignorant.

People falsely believe those who swear have a limited vocabulary hence the reason for curse words. Good news! This is actually false. Psychologists have determined that cursing isn’t directly linked to intellect.

3. It makes you feel stronger.

Swearing can activate your fight or flight response, firing up your aggressive tendencies — hopefully in a positive way. If you ever wondered why drill sergeants and coaches swear when giving “pep talk,” this might be the reason why.

4. It keeps you engaged.

Monika Bednarek, senior lecturer in linguistics at the University of Sydney, studied some of America’s most popular TV shows, counting how many swear words were used in each one. “The Wire” with more than 100 curse words per episode won the profanity sweepstakes. The Oscar-nominated “The Wolf of Wall Street” had so many curse words that it worked out to about one curse word every 20 seconds. The conclusion? Swearing equals popularity.

5. It helps you bond.

We’re not all dropping f-bombs during our casual conversations, but Bednarek says that for the most part, profanity can help strengthen relationships. “In addition to the psychological function of swearing, we mustn’t forget its social functions. Swearing is important for creating close relationships, friendship or intimacy with others, and bonds can be formed around it.”

6. It makes you feel in control.

“By swearing, we show, if only to ourselves, that we are not passive victims but empowered to react and fight back,” writes English psychiatrist Neel Burton. This can boost confidence and self-esteem.

7. It can make people laugh.

We often use off-color humor to crack up our friends. As long as nobody’s offended in the process, profanity can have great entertainment value.

8. It can be cathartic.

Stub your toe? Hit your funny bone? You know a couple (or more) well-placed expletives can have quite the soothing effect. But you can get relief from non-physical ailments too. Whether you got dumped or just missed your bus, experts say swearing helps deal with emotion as well as pain.

9. It lets you express yourself.

“It allows us to vent or express anger, joy, surprise, happiness,” says Timothy Jay, a psychologist at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, who has studied profanity for 35 years. “It’s like the horn on your car; you can do a lot of things with that, it’s built into you.”

10. It helps you fit in.

Swearing can help you feel more comfortable socially. If everyone else is being a little profane, cursing shows that you are part of their group. It also demonstrates that you are at ease being yourself in front of them.

So feel free to let an f-bomb or two fly when the situation calls for; it’s good for your sou

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