13 Insane Nicolas Cage Tattoos That Are Downright Meme Worthy

Eccentric actor Nicolas Cage has been a stalwart pop culture icon for almost forty years. Over the decades he’s appeared in critically acclaimed films as well as some truly awful stuff (don’t you dare watch Deadfall). He’s appeared in over 100 films so it’s no surprise that he’d have both winning and losing performances with that big a body of work. Fans and the internet are obsessed with Cage and he’s been the subject of thousands of memes.

Naturally, with that reputation in mind, people have gotten some absolutely wild tattoos of the actor. Some tattoos are genuinely out of fandom while others are joke tattoos that play on popular memes. We decided to take a deep dive into the world of Nicolas Cage tattoos to discover the funny, weird, and transcendent tattoos people have gotten of the star. Here are 13 Nic Cage tattoos that you have to see to believe.

You Don’t Say?

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Probably the best-known Cage meme comes from the 1988 film Vampire’s Kiss. In an infamous scene, Cage gets awfully aggravated. The “You Don’t Say” meme was born and it still has steam behind it. A contour drawing of Cage accompanied by the line “You don’t say” first appeared on Reddit in a rage comic in 2011.

This tattoo, which takes Cage’s likeness from the film, is both funny and slightly terrifying. It’s very appropriate if you think about its source material. We couldn’t believe that someone would get the actor tattooed on them, but then we continued and our findings made us question everything.

Nicolas Cagey Features

This haunting and minimal portrait of Cage is somehow instantly recognizable despite the fact that many details of the actor’s face are absent. Perhaps it’s due to Cage’s distinct features which make him a favorite for meme-makers. Nicolas Cage’s face has been swapped into just about everything. From cats to the Mona Lisa, Cage’s face has been transformed too many times to count.

Kiss of the Vampire

Vampire’s Kiss is a horrible movie, but it’s maintained a cult following because it’s so over-the-top and just too much. Here’s another version of Cage from the movie. The tattoo is done in just black ink and it is so unnerving.

H.I. ‘Hi’ McDunnough

The crime-comedy romp, Raising Arizona is a Coen Brothers classic starring Cage as a man who kidnaps a baby from a furniture tycoon. This tattoo of Cage’s character, H.I. McDunnough from the film pokes through an outline of the state of Arizona. This almost photorealistic tattoo captures the intensity of Cage’s character in the movie.


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The “Hallelujah Scene” from the 1997 blockbuster Face/Off is troubling (gross) in its own right but has been immortalized forever on the internet in the form of many, many, memes. Of all the things to get tattooed on your body… You do you!

Prickly Pear Nic

Cage won an Oscar in 1996 for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas. In the film, Cage plays a man named Ben who is intent on drinking himself to death (cheery, right?). At one point, Ben has drunk a great deal and falls into a glass table that shatters from the impact. “I am like a prickly pear!” he says after standing up feeling shards of glass stuck into his back.

The moment is supposed to be sad, but ultimately you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of Cage’s dialogue. This tattoo matches the foolishness by imagining him as a prickly pear cactus. Someone put way too much thought into this very stupid tattoo.

Put the Bunny Back in the Box

If you somehow made it this far in life without seeing Con Air, congratulations. This portrait of Cage’s character Cameron Poe is too good for what it depicts. This action movie was not as bad as Face/Off but audiences loved it. The evidence can be found in this very good portrait tattoo.

Picolas Cage

If you needed more proof that the internet is mostly trash, take a look at this tattoo based on the Picolas Cage meme. The meme was already completely idiotic, but somehow it gets even worse in tattoo form. Please stop with the bad tattoos.

Picolas Cage II

Horrible tattoos just keep coming. Here’s another Picolas Cage tattoo that is truer to form than the last. People in this world have tattoos of pickles with Nicolas Cage’s face on them. Think about that, but not for too long.

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A Blessing

This tattoo of a praying Nicolas Cage has a bit of a backstory. In 2017, the couple above got engaged in front of the actor and asked for his blessing. He gestured with his hands placed together and his eyes closed which birthed this image and inspiration for the subsequent tattoo. *sigh*


“This is a snakeskin jacket… and for me, it’s a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom,” Cage says while playing Sailor Ripley in Wild at Heart. It was one of David Lynch‘s first commercial successes and remains a completely watchable film. Too bad, this person chose the horrible movie, Face/Off.

Cat Cage

Yes, swapping Nicolas Cage’s face onto cats is a thing that happens on the internet. Apparently, Cage himself loves cats so maybe he’s not too upset about the Cage-cat memes. Despite it being absolutely weird and based on memes, we rather like this tattoo.

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Vampire Kiss

And so, we end right back where we started, Vampire’s Kiss. In the movie, Cage’s character Peter Loew is either slowly losing his grip on reality or slowly turning into a vampire. At one point, Peter purchases a pair of plastic, costume vampire teeth and shoves them into his mouth. It’s the most uncomfortable (and hilarious) thing you’ve ever seen Nicolas Cage do on screen.

This tattoo of that infamous moment from the film is an excellently executed tattoo. However, we’ve tried to forget it exists and we could not stand having a reminder of its existence. No thanks!

There you go! The internet loves Nicolas Cage and he sure makes a mean meme. We hope you enjoyed these very odd tattoos. We can’t say we fully understand the Nic Cage fandom, but at least we’ve figured out the love for him is limitless.

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