16 Funny Feel-Good TV Shows Guaranteed to Cheer You Up

Well… We’re still in a pandemic mess and most of us are being told to stay at home whenever possible. Social distancing might be making you a little moody, so we decided to pick some TV shows to help kick the quarantine blues. From new discoveries to time-tested classics, we’ve got the shows that always make us laugh no matter how down we’re feeling.

A good TV binge never hurt anybody and it’s actually a completely acceptable form of zoning out and not thinking about all the crap that’s going on right now. Here are 16 feel-good tv shows you should binge right now to cheer you up and take your mind off of the dumpster fire that we live in.

Broad City


Yassssss! If you’re sick and tired of being stuck in your home, consider tagging along on an adventure with Abbie and Ilana. This hilarious show soars to genius heights and plummets to the dumbest lows. It’s incredible and never disappoints. All 5 seasons of this comedy are streaming on Hulu.



Friends is a sitcom with a fan-following like no other. Why? It’s funny, fresh, and the characters are some of the most beloved TV personalities of all time. The show will always be there for you. Every single episode of the show is currently streaming on HBO Max and select seasons are available on Hulu.

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A Black Lady Sketch Show


A Black Lady Sketch Show has sort of flown under the radar, but it’s an absolute gem that you should see if you want pitch-perfect sketch comedy in your eyeballs. It also feels timely as one storyline involves four friends and the main actors of the show are trying to ride out the apocalypse in a fire-proof rental home. But, there are so many sketches that stand out. Production had just begun on season two when the ‘rona came and put a stop to it. We can’t wait for more of this soon! The first season is streaming on HBO Max.

The Great


If you haven’t seen The Great yet and love wickedly dark comedy, you must check it out. The creator of the show penned The Favourite so that should give you some idea of the insanity you’re treated to in the series. While this isn’t a “feel-good show” necessarily, we certainly felt good about not being Elle Fanning‘s character, Catherine who marries the insufferable Emperor of Russia. Fanning is fantastic and very funny in the role. The first season of this show is streaming on Hulu.

The Other Two


This overlooked treasure of a show was recently picked up for a second season by Comedy Central. The show follows two underachieving adult siblings whose 13-year-old brother (the show is clearly parodying Justin Bieber) becomes famous overnight. Fans of Molly Shannon, you have to see this series because she’s hilarious as the mother who’s trying to keep her family together all while making a fortune of her own riding on her famous son’s coattails. The show is so, so funny and each episode closes with a warm ending. The show is streaming on Comedy Central or available to rent.

Sherman’s Showcase


If you enjoyed the offbeat IFC show, Documentary Now, you are going to love Sherman’s Showcase. This sketch show parodies classic variety shows and introduces the audience to fictional and real celebrities who appeared on Sherman’s Showcase over the years. It’s razor-sharp and extremely funny with a splash of weird. The show is streaming on AMC and Hulu now. A second season is expected later this year.



Adults playing children is always a bit uncomfortable, but PEN15 turns the cringe to the max. If you thought your teenage years were awkward, you need to see this show to help you feel much better about it. This show spectacularly funny. When you’re not covering your eyes in embarrassment, you’ll be laughing very hard. Ultimately, it’s a show about friendship and that’s what makes it feel so good. Season one of this show is streaming on Hulu. The second season should be out this fall.

Schitt’s Creek


Schitt’s Creek just recently wrapped up its final season but the show already feels like a classic. The sitcom follows the Rose family’s fall from grace and fortune as they land in Schitt’s Creek to oversee the management of a rundown hotel. A very funny, sweet, and heartfelt show, it never fails at cheering us up. You can stream all six seasons of this gem on Hulu. The first five seasons are readily available on Amazon Prime as well.



Issa Rae is a genius and she’s both the creator and star of this perfect comedy series. While Issa (her character’s name as well) goes through some highs, like changing career paths and finding love, she often stumbles along the way. She’s not the only one! Molly, her best friend is seemingly put-together but also faces adversity at work and in her personal life. The show feels so fresh and fun without skipping over really important hardships that many young adults face. Also, this show has the best soundtrack of anything that’s ever been made. Period. You can watch all four seasons of the show on HBO Max and then eagerly await the next which will air in 2021.

The Good Place


“Are you forking kidding me!?” One of our favorite moms, Kristen Bell stars in this funny show that originally aired on NBC. At its core, The Good Place is a hilarious show about ethics and morality. Bell’s character, Eleanor is sent to “the good place” which she thinks is somewhat like heaven. When she finds out that she, a bad person, was sent there she realizes there has been a mixup. The show is all about goodness and it really nails it. The Good Place is streaming just about everywhere including Hulu and Netflix.

Never Have I Ever


Unorthodox is the best thing Netflix has put out so far this year, but coming in close behind it is Never Have I Ever. It’s an entirely different show that’s as hilarious as it is heartfelt. The show is loosely based on its creator, Mindy Kaling’s childhood as a first-generation Indian American teenager. The main character, Devi played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is magnetic. Devi is prone to bad decisions, but she’s always got a joke up her sleeve to balance the seriousness of the consequences.

We wrote about this show as being under the radar shortly after it came out, but it turns out no one was admitting to us that they were also enjoying the show. Because Netflix now claims that 40 million households have seen the show. It’s brilliant and if you’re not one of those 40 million, give this good-hearted show a try. It’s streaming on Netflix and, as you might have guessed from those viewing numbers, it’s been renewed for a second season.

The Mindy Project


While we’re talking about Mindy Kaling’s amazing accomplishments, let’s not forget the now classic, The Mindy Project. The workplace comedy has some of the funniest episodes of any sitcom and even more lovable characters. It finished its final season in 2017 so chances are it’s been a while since you enjoyed this charming comedy. All six seasons (117 episodes) of this show are streaming on Hulu.

Jane the Virgin


Jane the Virgin is one of our go-to, go-to feel-good shows. This family-friendly show features a cast of hilarious characters that appear and reappear of the course of five seasons in the most expected ways. The show borrows its format from telenovelas and it runs with it! The show’s star, Gina Rodriguez is phenomenal as the titular Jane. The show follows Jane who is accidentally impregnated at an OBGYN visit and chaos ensues. Funny and full of heart, binge-watching Jane the Virgin would be a great way to lift your spirits. Watch the entire series on Netflix.

Better Things


We may or may not be obsessed with this show that we feel should be winning every single award and accolade that there is for it to win. Pamela Adlon writes, directs, and stars in this emotional comedy about being a single mother in Hollywood. On the surface, Better Things is a comedy that pokes fun at the absurdity of parenting. Underneath, the show is a profound meditation on the special bond mothers share with their daughters. There are four seasons of the show available and each season is better than the last. It’s streaming on Hulu or FX.

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi


Padma Lakshmi has made a truly remarkable show about American culture and how immigrants shape our foodways. While this documentary travel and cooking series is not a comedy, Lakshmi manages to bring a healthy amount of wit and heart to each of the people she meets and shares her own immigrant story (along with foods she grew up eating) in a truly heartfelt way. If you want to skip the laugh track and watch a fantastic show that will remind you that humanity still exists, give this show a shot. The first season of Taste the Nation is streaming on Hulu.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race


Would you like something very silly and completely ridiculous to watch? RuPaul’s Drag Race is the answer to your prayers. In this campy and over-the-top competition series drag queens compete in a variety of challenges to become “America’s Next Top Drag Queen.” There are a dozen seasons of this show out at this point, so if you don’t know where to start, start from the latest and work your way back. The latest season featured some fierce queens and although you might not get all the references, the show’s superfluous enough for you to follow anyway.

Of all the funny shows out there, Drag Race manages to pull you out of whatever’s got you down and transport you to a carefree state of mind. The first ten seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime and the latest are available to rent or watch via VH1.

There you go! 16 funny, feel-good TV shows that will cheer you right up! If nothing on this list is your taste, give an old favorite shot. A good binge can really help you relax.

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