Dad Tells Wife He Is No Longer Attracted To Her After She Gives Birth

One woman on Reddit reveals that her attempts to be more intimate with her husband of six years went south after he admitted he was no longer attracted to her since giving birth.

After her feelings were hurt, she flocked the forum to seek advice. The 24-year-old mother revealed she has been married for six years.

Dad Admits To Wife He Is No Longer Attracted To Her
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Just a little less than a year ago, both she and her husband, who is 29, welcomed their first child. But in that time, her body has went through some major changes.

“During pregnancy I gave into my cravings and gained around 50 lbs.,” the woman shared. “Pregnancy also gave me some bad stretch marks. I lost all the weight and then some, but I still have stretch marks.”

And since giving birth, the couple has not really had sex. She assumed it was because their baby was young and clingy — so recently, she decided to change that.

“Yesterday, I was finally feeling really good about myself and decided to take some nude pictures and send them to him while he was at work,” the woman shared.

Dad Admits To Wife He Is No Longer Attracted To Her
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At the time, her husband’s phone was dead, so he opened them in front of her at home.

“He looked at them for a second and then closed it out so he could go back to what he was doing,” the mom shared.

“I asked him if he even looked at them,” she went on. “His response was ‘Yeah, you look nice.'” The wife was so upset, that she began to cry. An argument happened and the husband finally revealed.

“I guess I’m just not attracted to you anymore.” The wife was obviously hurt and now, she has no idea what to do next. She thinks her marriage may be over.

Dad Admits To Wife He Is No Longer Attracted To Her
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“I cannot force him to be attracted to me, but it’s making me feel like he is not the one for me,” she wrote. “I FREAKING HAD HIS BABY!” She believes that their marriage is just “okay,” but it’s also, nonexistent. “I haven’t seen him since the fight, I took the baby and I am at my friend’s house,” she continued. “I do not know what to do.”

One person said: “There is more than one way to address this with your wife, who just bore your child. This is probably the cruelest. The problem is not the ebbing and flowing of attraction over a marriage (which happens), the problem is his cruelty, and his dismissive way of pinning his marital issue, as somehow your fault and also entirely your problem.”

While another said: “Wow what uncultured man doesn’t like milfs.”

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