My Family Posts Photos of My Kid Online Against My Wishes: Advice?

A community member writes in asking for advice and opinions on posting photos of your children online when you’ve told them many times you do not want pictures posted.

A Mamas Uncut community member asks:

“My family posts photos of my kid online against my wishes: Advice?Public opinion? How do you feel about a family taking photos of your children and posting them when you told them not to on multiple occasions. I requested my child’s online identity to be hers when she comes of age. Shouldn’t she be given the right to control her likeness?”

-Mamas Uncut Community Member

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Community Advice for This Mom Whose Family Posts Pictures Of Her Child Online Despite Being Asked Not To

Fan QuestionMy family posts photos of my kid online against my wishes: Advice?Public opinion? How do you feel about…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Monday, January 6, 2020

Advice Summary

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The popular opinion was that it is not acceptable to post pictures of children when you have been asked not to. Some advice that was given was to ask them politely to remove it, and if they don’t report them to the platform they posted on.

If my family posts pictures they take of my daughter, I’m okay with that. If they’re taking them off of your profile and posting them without permission, that’s something different.

The number of people who are so entitled here is what’s ridiculous.
I am just fine with people taking pictures of my son and posting them but that is my decision as a parent! Other parents may choose not to and it should be respected. WITHOUT OBJECTIONS.
I would take pictures of them in awkward moments and post them in your profile, bet they’ll understand the point of consent soon enough after.

I’d comment something on the pictures about your rule and them not abiding by it and report the post. If they can’t respect you enough for a simple thing like not posting on social media, how will they with bigger things?

“My husband and I share pictures of our son to our Facebook pages every so often. We don’t like family members to overshare as we don’t like every little aspect of our child’s life to be documented online. On special occasions like his birthday, we don’t mind one picture being shared but we had to draw a line somewhere because when he was a newborn people had multiple pictures up every other day and it was a total invasion of what should have been a private time for us. Your child, your rules. Anyone who doesn’t respect your wishes has no respect for you as a parent and I wouldn’t take that lightly. xx”

Final Thoughts

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Social media has its pros and cons. One of the pros is that we can share so much more with the family that we just couldn’t before. The cons are that while sharing with family, we are sharing with strangers too. Internet safety is so important, and when people don’t respect your wishes they shouldn’t have access to your content. Stating upfront how you feel will hopefully help, but if it doesn’t, then taking more extreme measures may be needed.

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