WATCH: This Postpartum Ad Keeps It Refreshingly, Almost Uncomfortably Real

Women are rarely celebrated for all of the intense things their bodies go through after delivering a baby. It isn’t always pretty, and more often than not, an assortment of adult diapers, ice packs, and Tucks (a godsend) are involved. Depending on your birth experience, you may be able to relate to the realness in the latest ad from brand Frida Mom

The postpartum care company decided to take a different approach in depicting “the fourth trimester.” Instead of showing a perfectly-styled new mama joyfully cradling her baby, the geniuses behind this ad take you into the isolating and painful experience of going to the bathroom after giving birth.

The video shows a new mom and the struggles she goes through in the middle of the night, while her newborn cries in the background. Frida describes their new line as, “postpartum recovery products designed to prepare new moms for the raw, leaking, and swollen realities of the #fourthtrimester. After giving birth, you might not have your s%*t together yet, but your vagina sure will.”

We’re big fans of this more honest approach to marketing. Giving birth isn’t a situation to “bounce back” from. In fact, the postpartum stage is one of the most vulnerable and lonely experiences a woman can go through. Giving the world a window into a new mom’s experience is refreshing, so let’s continue to keep it real.

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