This Adorable Grandpa Hyping Up His Granddaughter As She Films A Hair Tutorial Is Everything

Grandpa Billy is a big fan of his granddaughter. So much so that he is not afraid to hype her up — even when she is filming a tutorial.

A grandfather from Dublin, Ireland, is his granddaughter’s biggest fan, with wholesome footage catching him hyping her up while filming a hair tutorial.

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Aine Kennedy posted the clip to her TikTok account just last month, which shows her using one of her company’s products, The Smooth Stick, while her grandpa Billy recorded.

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The elder can be heard giving her directions to where hair still needed to be smoothed out, commenting a few times how her hair is looking “perfect”.

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“When you see it done like that it is very, very good, isn’t it?” he says towards the end of the video.

The two have been doing TikToks together since the start of the pandemic to keep entertained.

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@ainekennedyyy Someone get us dance lessons for Christmas, we beg ???? #grandadbilly #fypシ #christmas ♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular

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“We got a great reaction to them online. It is mostly me who records them but this time my grandad did and it was a big hit,” she said the outlet Storyful, mentioning that her grandfather thinks the reaction is “utterly mad”.

“I swear good grand parents will praise you for putting mail in the mailbox he uplifted her so much… you can feel the love through the screen,” one user wrote.

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While another commented: “SOOOOOOOOO Sweeeeeeeeet ???? Even the tone and manner of his voice makes me feel all warm and cozy, he’s likely a very good bedtime story teller. You’re very fortunate. Continue to Treasure these moments.”

Followed by: “Just the sweetest. Grandpa using new technology to help his lovely granddaughter!”

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