25 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Prove Growing a Human Is No Joke

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing… when you’re not going through it. Of course, there are some favorable aspects, but mostly it’s just having cravings, back pain, and needing to pee. It’s absolutely worth it to gain a new member to your family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at the hard parts.

Pregnancy can get anyone down but we ask you to take a deep breath. Now, get ready for the best medicine of all, laughter. Expecting mothers have created memes that perfectly illustrate the struggles of pregnancy and to let you know that you are not alone! Go grab some ice cream (better still, make your significant other to fetch you some ice cream), and get ready for one enjoyable meme-scroll.

Who Needs Sleep?

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@bumptobabyacademy (Source)

Pregnancy insomnia is so, so real. This about sums it up.

21 Weeks to Go

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@lifewithmamab (Source)

The expecting parent who shared this photo explained that she’s got 21 weeks left of her pregnancy. She wrote that she misses her favorite drink and hopes that it misses her back.

Dress Code

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@labellebump (Source)

There comes a “point of no return” in every pregnancy when it comes to wardrobe. It’s hard growing a human. Make your own rule!


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@___laurenkate (Source)

See? Not that big of a deal for most. We love the energy behind this post.


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@allstarparents (Source)

Conversely, an expecting dad can go too far. This is proof of how bad things can get.

It’s Tough Out There

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@messijessi722 (Source)

This is perfect. Please leave the bladder in peace, babies.


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@bestmom_org (Source)

Sleep jealousy goes hand-in-hand with pregnancy insomnia. Nothing about it is fair.

Until the Bitter End

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@outinthelymelight (Source)

Those last few weeks are some of the most grueling of any pregnancy. If you’ve ever considered doing something extra special for a pregnant person in your life, we’d highly encourage it.

You’ll Glow

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@the.mommybox (Source)

The reality sets in very, very quickly! This meme is priceless.

Comfort Queen

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@kathrynmac93 (Source)

Lounge it out! Time to get a couple more super comfy options.

Not True

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@jessicalynnise (Source)

Some days truly are better than others and body image concerns while pregnant are a big issue. You can laugh, but don’t be hard on your body! It’s literally generating a new life.

A Wild Ride

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@the.mommybox (Source)

Who feels seen? This child is everything!


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@jessicalynnise (Source)

The reality is you always want the things you’re told to avoid. Bringing a child into the world is a blessing, but also a sacrifice.

Say That One More Time

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@messijessi722 (Source)

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! You can do it!

You Are Beautiful

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@tashie001 (Source)

Stretch marks are part of the deal for most pregnant folks. Think of them as little badges of courage.

Let It Out

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@bigkidproblems (Source)

This used to be the motto before having a cup of morning coffee. Now, it’s all off.

Chef’s Kiss

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@ab_bumpsandbabies (Source)

Parent of the year? Unless your life is happening inside a David Cronenberg film, most people should expect a baby at the end of the pregnancy. The sex of a baby is not too relevant until that point.


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@saskhippiemomma (Source)

Shouldn’t we truly be praising people as they go through their pregnancy? Don’t ever say this. Of course, they’re tired.

Stay True

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@as_a_mother_of_fact (Source)

This feels about right. Is nothing sacred?

That Glow

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@pharmedoc (Source)

Well, you can get as real as your comfortable getting. All we know is that there is a glow and we’re not mad about it.

AM Struggle

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@mihznikki (Source)

This is actually most people before pregnancy but… The imagery is perfect.

Dad Jokes Start Early

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@balanced.birth.couple (Source)

If you’re bringing a baby into the world with a dad, you can expect the dad jokes to start the instant he finds out you’re pregnant. You have years of this to look forward to!


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@hellboundmomma (Source)

Tell it like it is.

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It’s Like This

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If they ask how your day is going, it’s all on the table. Have no shame! You’ve been through something very surreal.

Keep your eyes on the prize! Pregnancy is one hell of a journey and we know you’re doing your best! We hope these relatable pregnancy memes made you laugh, but not too hard (you know what we mean).

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