Joy-Anna Duggar Shares First, Precious Sonogram Image of their Baby Girl

Joy-Anna Duggar and husband, Austin Forsyth have been very open about their pregnancy and personal lives over the past several months. We’re excited that the couple has recently shared a new sonogram picture of their baby girl who is due in August.

The little one is the couple’s rainbow baby after losing their unborn daughter Annabelle 9 months ago. This is such an exciting time for the pair and we couldn’t be happier.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth shared a sweet image of their unborn daughter.

The couple shared the sonogram image along with a note that reads, “Sweet Baby Girl… we love you more than you know! Seeing those little lips, nose, and hearing her heartbeat made my cry tears of joy!!!! SO soooooo thankful she is growing and healthy!”

It’s the first image the couple has publicly shared of their daughter and fans are also very excited for the Counting On stars.

Congratulatory messages flooded the comment section of Joy-Anna’s Instagram post.

Joy-Anna Duggar Shares First Sonogram Image of their Baby Girl
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth / Instagram

Many of Joy-Anna Duggar’s fans left happy and positive comments about the baby’s development.

“Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy you’ve been blessed with another baby girl,” one person wrote.

“She is your RAINBOW BABY,” another commented, referring to Joy-Anna losing Annabelle.

The couple publicly announced their pregnancy in mid-March.

Joy-Anna showed off her baby bump for the first time to fans on March 18. Since the reveal, fans have been eager to learn more about how the pregnancy is going.

Then, the couple shared a video that documents the early days of the pregnancy along with a couple of new photos that feature Duggar’s beautiful baby bump. Duggar and Forsyth have a cute 2-year-old boy named Gideon and we suspect he’s going to be a very helpful big brother.

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In a video, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth give fans an inside look at the early days of their pregnancy.

Follow the Forsyths / YouTube

In the video, Joy-Anna shares that only two months after taking a pregnancy test and finding out she was pregnant, Duggar noticed some unusual “spotting” and spoke to her doctor immediately. The doctor ran some tests and delivered less than ideal news to the excited couple.

The doctor explained that hormone levels were off and that Duggar might be experiencing a molar pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, “A molar pregnancy — also known as hydatidiform mole — is a rare complication of pregnancy characterized by the abnormal growth of trophoblasts, the cells that normally develop into the placenta.”

After such a tragic loss, it’s natural for Joy-Anna to feel nervous.

She says in the video, “It’s just been really hard because on one side we want to be so excited for this baby and at the same time, we have all these fears of like, well what if it’s like, going through all of this again after going through it with Annabell. It’s been a very difficult few weeks.”

Fortunately, the doctor had some great news to deliver at 10 weeks. Duggar and Forsyth were told their pregnancy was viable and that things had normalized. What relief this couple must have felt.

Since the couple shared the pregnancy video, they also walked fans through their renovated home in a virtual tour.

Follow the Forsyths / YouTube

Fans were overjoyed when Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth opened up their Arkansas home to show off the recent renovations they had been working on. A visibly pregnant Joy-Anna does most of the hosting and describes her love of plants and of her spacious kitchen.

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The couple had been updating fans about the work they were doing on the home since last year in various social media posts. It was thrilling to see all of their hard work pay off.

We love all the updates from this growing family and we look forward to any news about their baby girl. We’re sending this couple good vibes and wishing them the very best as the pregnancy moves along.

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