35 Tattoo Fails Guaranteed to Make Your Skin Crawl

Every single person on this planet needs to slow down. Slow down, people! We went through picture after picture of tattoo fail after tattoo fail and that’s the main takeaway. Just slow down. Check your spelling. Check your spelling and grammar. Recheck all of that. Why? Because you’re getting a permanent tattoo on your body. You should take it somewhat seriously. The secondary takeaway is that people have some twisted, twisted imaginations. We saw things we can’t unsee! Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not share pictures of your raunchy tattoos. Because we value you, dear reader, we curated photos that we feel wouldn’t offend your sensibilities too much. But, we must warn you, you will probably kill some brain cells just by looking at several of these tattoos. That being said, we all make mistakes. Mistakes make us human. We know this is true because we saw professional tattoo removing services advertising with some of these tattoos! A bad tattoo isn’t necessarily forever, but you’ll need to save some money to get the expensive procedure done. So, before you get tattooed, think long and hard about it. Go to a reputable tattoo artist who has plenty of experience and recommendations. Don’t test fate. She’s not your friend. Without further preamble, here are 35 tattoo fails guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Buckle up!

35. The Lion Ding

Oh boy. This monstrosity takes up this man’s entire upper back. How could they do Simba like this?

34. Sure Is

This tattoo is so unfortunate that it’s now become a meme. We’re glad they’re taking responsibility for their actions. It “is is” their life. They can do whatever they want.

33. Alice?

Well, the LSD undertones in Alice in Wonderland are taken to new heights (lows?) in this absolutely horrible tattoo. You know what, who are we to judge?

32. Don’t Lose that Hoop

Whenever we need a little “hoop” we always turn to inspirational quotes. We don’t ever plan on losing “hoop” again.

31. Where’s the ‘T’?

Tattoo guns should come with spellcheck. Honestly. This very positive quote and its merits have been dashed due to a missing letter.

30. The ‘Mapness’

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WE‘RE ALL MAP HERE Tag a map-friend

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If you can forgive the poorly done tattoo of Alice, bless you. Beyond that, the “D” looks like a “P.”

29. Thank Goodness

Thankfully, this individual lives life with no regrets. They wouldn’t be too happy about this otherwise.

28. She Lives in Canada

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Why would… Tattoos aren’t relationship status updates. Take a moment and think about how things are perceived before getting your tattoos.

27. Stop

People need to be stopped. Stopped. What sort of person gets a mini body tattooed on their big body?

26. Braid?

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Who needs actual hair when tattoo ink gets the job done just fine? Oh, this is just so, so bad.

25. Sweet Dreams

Maybe the creepiest thing you’ll see all day. They say that eyes are the window to the soul. These eyes are a window to hell.

24. Maybe Regret is Good?

We’re all about a carefree and guilt-free lifestyle. Worrying? Who does that?

23. Please Pray Before Your Next One

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love that face dot tattoo ❤️

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Is that so? Ask him for a little guidance before you go getting another tattoo.

22. We Were Calm

We need you to check on the tattoo artists in your life. Are they okay? How did this happen? Does she live in Florida?

21. Truer Words…

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– Opus

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Clearly, no one was able to change his mind. This is riddled with mistakes. Take some advice the next time around?

20. Your Knee is Not a Punchline

This is stupid. After this tattoo manages to make three people laugh, the magic’s gone.

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19. Just Sad

As if the masks weren’t bad enough, the spelling error makes this tattoo even worse. It truly is a tragedy.

18. Spacing is Crucial

We’re all for messages of peace and choosing activism over violence. But layout needs to be taken into consideration as much as spelling and grammar. What a shame.

17. Certainly Not

As we said, no one is defined by their mistakes… unless those mistakes are tattooed down an arm.

16. No Matter Wath

At least this tattoo is on her back. If she ever finds out, we know she’ll stay strong.

15. He Embodies His Faith

The personification of his own belief? This tattoo makes absolutely no sense. Time to make an appointment with a laser.

14. Seize a Dictionary

Looks like someone was too caught up in the moment. Take your time and think things out. Moments are fleeting, tattoos last forever.

13. Not Quite

We don’t even like comics and we spotted the mistakes here. If you’re getting “MARVEL” tattooed across your shoulders you might want to know which characters belong in that universe. We could be wrong, but that seems like common sense.

12. Sure

He did it his way! Are there ever any adults in the room? How does this sort of thing keep happening?

11. Mr. Cool

Sigh. Can we not? This man must be stopped.

10. You Live and Learn

It’s a cliche at this point, but people still do this. Learn from others’ mistakes not just your own.

9. Nope

If you’re an adult and you still have problems telling your right from your left, you might not be the best candidate for a tattoo. Just putting that out into the universe.

8. Just Be True to You

“To thy unknown self be false.” Is that the other part of this? Is that how this works? Help.

7. No Pens

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????… ???? … ????????‍♂️#tattoofails

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This budding writer knew that the pen was his only ticket out. Wow.

6. Stronger Than Ever

The adversity he will face after getting this tattoo will only make him stronger. Please think long and hard before getting a neck tattoo.

5. Get Dave His Microwave

Is this Dadaism? Is this really a smart tattoo? We’re spiraling.

4. You Owe Her an Apology

The fact that this tattoo is at an angle really is just the icing on the cake. What do you think mom said?

3. Please Slow Down

As a good rule of thumb, read and then re-read the text you plan on getting tattooed. That’s the first step. The second step involves asking a friend, asking an editor, asking a priest, and asking tattoo artists to check the grammar of the words you are getting tattooed. This is not okay and neither are we.

2. Why?

Was he afraid someone would launder him?

1. Oh, Mom…

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Moms always have the best intentions, but this was a mistake. The tattoo itself isn’t too bad, just a little disagreement happening in the text. We imagine not one of her kids has dared to say anything.

Tattoos hurt. Do not put yourself through that discomfort for a subpar tattoo. Take your time and thoroughly think through your tattoo design. Ask your friends for help! If you’re not the greatest wordsmith, there’s no shame in that! Get some advice before getting your next tattoo. In fact, just avoid words altogether. Who needs ’em?

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