25 Inspiring Tattoos That Uplift and Foster Positivity

What truly energizes you? An inspirational tattoo spreads a feeling of hopefulness and helps to motivate the person with it when they’re not feeling their best. People tend to choose animals, artists, or natural motifs as imagery for their positive tattoos. And, more often than not, there’s a word with an uplifting connotation or even an inspirational quote tattoo.

Staying positive has become increasingly difficult at this current moment. Many people are experiencing difficulties and we expect to see even more of these wonderful, motivational tattoos in the future as a result. Inspiring tattoos also make excuses for a first-time tattoo. Grandma can’t get mad at you for trying to look on the bright side and having a tattoo that says something along the lines of “keep going” or “keep your chin up.” Who can argue with those sentiments? Now, we decided to take a look at the positive tattoos that people have gotten recently to bring you the most galvanizing designs of the moment. Here are 25 inspiring tattoos we hope bring a smile to your face and maybe even encourage you to get one yourself!

No Fears

Simplicity is bliss to great design and bravery is important in life. Living courageously is always a great idea and this sunny tattoo encourages you to do so.

Smiley Toe

If you looked at this goofy smiley face tattoo on your big toe once a day, we imagine it could change your outlook. Or, at least, help lighten your mood.

Trust Yourself

Wow! This vibrantly inked tattoo is full of pink, green, and blue. The design has been accented well with highlights from white ink. The message to “stay strong” should certainly resonate.

Maya Angelou’s Words

Maya Angelou‘s landmark poem, Still I Rise contains themes of overcoming adversity and continuing to persevere. This minimal tattoo pays tribute to its message and its design is very clean and crisp.

Keep Singing Your Song

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My newest. With a looot of meaning behind it! "Some days you won't have a song in your heart. Sing anyway."- Emory Austin So.. Do. It. Anyway! Some days you wont want to live. LIVE ANYWAY. You won't feel loved. Love anyway. You wont have any hope left. Hope anyway. You won't believe in better days. Believe anyway. But, JUST as important.. IT IS OKAY to NOT be okay. It's okay to have negative thoughts and feelings. The emotions people try to avoid and bottle up. Don't. Let yourself feel them anyway! Feel them but don't stay there. Get back to the place you thrive. Be unapologetically you. Embrace your weird or nerdy or loud or quiet or whatever side you try to hide. People are just people. Sometimes we all suck Just be you anyway- because WHO CARES what others think. Love yo'self anyway. Kinda like how 2020 has been doing what it wants and doesn't give a shiz about what any of us humans think. ???? So, be like 2020 dang it!???????? It's your life. Do what makes you happy!! Make it yours. Live it how you want to live. Do the thing anyway! So… sing anyway. ✊???? ???????? . . . . . #singanyway #tinytattoos #wordtattoos #selfloveclub #goodvibesonly #loveanyway #liveanyway #hopeanyway #loveyoself #itsokaynottobeokay #singleneedletattoos #tattoosofinstagram #keepgoingforward #mentalhealthawareness #alwayskeepfighting #adultingishard #thestruggleisreal #singlemomlife #yougotthis #staystrong #inspiringtattoos #bekindtoyourself #lovelife #behappynow #youareloved #2020life #beyourbestself #mentalhealthadvocate #towriteloveonherarms

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Don’t let anyone rain on your parade! Another simple yet elegant tattoo here that gets the message across without any fuss.

Be a Unicorn

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea and characterized by their singular tusks. This cheery imagining of a narwhal certainly brings joy. We love the color combination of magenta and aquamarine.

Keep Burning Brightly

This lovely black and grey tattoo of hand holding a candle, shining a light in the darkness is poetic and the artist has done a great job. Let your light shine!

Set Sail

This minimal tattoo of a floating paper boat is super charming. Balanced and simple, it inspires us to think of the places we can go and to also remain afloat.

Art is Life

Artists are always a source of endless inspiration. Frida Kahlo is one of the world’s most celebrated artists and this portrait of her is wholly unique.

Unlock New Worlds

Here we find some cosmic coffee on a stack of books. The design immediately sparks the imagination and like a good book, opens one up to new, magical experiences.

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Imagine Greatness

This tattoo design is so smart. A paper airplane with a shadow of a jet reminds us that there is more than what meets the eye and also that there are deeper truths and possibilities to discover.

Rainbow Bright

Light separated by a prism is like a little miracle. This very simple tattoo is completely gorgeous in its symbolism. The colors of the rainbow can be revealed to us, we just need to know how to look.

Don’t Give Up

Keep pushing forward, folks! The quote is an effective one with a message of motivation and perseverance.

Think of the Good

Positivity is key! And, it’s the stem of this rose in this tattoo design! Done in just simple black ink, this elegant tattoo gets its message across with a little floral flair.

A Jam

This stunning watercolor tattoo of a treble clef seems to be splashing into a pool of blue and green. Vibrant and full of movement, music-lovers would do well to take note of this truly inspiring and beautiful tattoo.

Doubt Not

Do. Don’t doubt. This blunt tattoo is not messing around! Many people suffer from anxiety that makes actually doing the thing very difficult. This tattoo is a reminder to do your best not doubt yourself and to instead, do.

Love, Me

You can’t get any more straightforward than this! However, the message to show yourself love is one we should all take to heart and do more of.

Hang in There

This sloth contains cosmic bodies while hanging on to a branch. This fascinating design is a visual reminder to keep hanging on, no matter how heavy you might feel inside. It’s gorgeous.

Look on the Bright Side

This positivity tattoo also contains a pun, and we all love a light joke! Now, this tattoo also has great advice and is a reminder to always try and find the positives in a situation.

Embrace Yourself

Wow! This fabulous tattoo with its neon ink is just perfect. Go ahead, love yourself! Give yourself a little hug because you deserve it.


Who needs those negative vibes? Nobody! This fun tattoo contains a message about the right way to live. We are really into this tattoo trend with the hands!

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This Too Shall Pass

“Storms don’t last,” is an excellent point! The wonderful flatness of the design gives a 2-D almost children’s book effect. We love that the circle of the sun and its golden coloring. Remember, storms pass.

There you go! Are you feeling a little lighter after taking a look at these inspirational tattoos? We hope so! And, we also hope you consider some of these ideas for your very own tattoo.

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