25 Precious Pet Tattoos that Will Warm Your Frigid Heart

Americans have more pets than ever before. Since the 1950s, people have been adopting cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals and have given them a place to call home. According to the most recent data collected by the American Pet Products Association or APPA, 68 percent of American households have pets! Compare that to 56 percent in 1988. We’re definitely smitten with our kittens.

We also think there’s a bit of a correlation between pet adoptions and pet tattoos. With more furry friends, come more pet-inspired tattoos. Most people consider a cat or dog a part of the family. To show constant love a devotion, pet owners are getting more tattoos of their pets. We decided to take a look at some of the very best pet portraits. Here are 25 tattoos of pets that are absolutely adorable.

25. Ms. Molly

Meet Molly, a miniature pincher with some irresistible ears. This cute dog portrait is so well done! We love the highlight effect the tattoo artist was able to achieve that gives Molly a real shine.

24. A Vibrant Kitty

Easily one of the most creative tattoos on this list, this cat tattoo or “cattoo” is remarkable. We love all of the geometric shapes and pleasant, muted colors of this amazing design.

23. Rub His Belly, Get 3 Wishes

Your wish is his command. This fantastically weird tattoo of a genie-dog has been completed with some sharp, fine lines. The tattoo artist who shared this image is based in South Korea.

22. Just Purrrfect

What an arresting cat portrait. Our feline friends might be a mystery to us at times, but they definitely know how to claw their way deep into our hearts. We love the white ink used for the whiskers here.

21. One Cool Cat

Why is this cat smoking a cigarette? Is this like the James Dean of cats? This simple, yet effective tattoo is a loving, strange tribute.

20. Plop

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Simplicity is bliss, right? This very cute little doggo is outfitted with some subtle rosy cheeks and pink ears. We love it when dogs lay this way.

19. Meow!

Wow! This fine feline manages to impress even though it’s only about an inch and a half in height. This black and grey photorealistic tattoo definitely dazzles.

18. A Feathered Friend

People love and live with more than just cats and dogs! Take a look at this handsome green and yellow bird. We’re not bird experts, but we think this is a parakeet. Parrots and other pet birds love bells and making them ring, this bell included here is a very nice touch.

17. That Little Tongue Tho

This puppers sure looks like a mischievous chap. This very delicate portrait captures so much of the dog’s character. We’re sure the person who got this pet tattoo loves this tattoo and their little buddy.

16. Best in Show

This pet owner is not modest about it. Her dog, Holly really is the best! We love the addition of holly leaves and berries to make this tattoo even more meaningful and personal.

15. These Peepers!

Nothing can melt your cold, frigid heart like sad pet eyes. This slightly melancholic tattoo certainly captures an expression that many pet owners are familiar with.

14. Hug a Friend

A traditional style tattoo is always a smart choice. The greens and orangey-red really make this pet tribute pop. For pet owners with small dogs, holding your dog is equivalent to holding a baby.

13. A Fine Line

If you’re considering a tattoo to honor your pet, you don’t need to go all out. An understated, minimal tattoo design will do the trick.

12. Lion King

Conversely, you can go all out! This cat tatt has a lot of attitude and we’re pretty sure this is the actual lion king. Check out the fun, blue watercolor detail here.

11. A Micro Meow

Micro tattoos make for a super exciting surprise. We imagine this tattoo would be hard to spot unless it was pointed out. With the finest details like the itty-bitty whiskers, make this pet portrait a marvel.

10. A Geometric Pug

Nothing but love for a pug! This adorable geometric dog tattoo gets it just right. A simple, understated, and very cute tatt.

9. An Atmospheric Half Sleeve

The full moon and dark atmosphere are definitely giving us wolf (or even werewolf) vibes. If you had any illusions about how much dog lovers adore their pets, this should prove to you that the “man’s best friend” distinction is real.

8. Pet Family

Are you a dog or a cat person? Can’t decide? You can always be both! This wonderfully odd tattoo design captures a pet owner’s love for both her babies.

7. Paw to Pointer

Who knew Michelangelo’s fresco, The Creation of Adam could be improved upon? Apparently, this dog owner who is very impressed with his terrier.

6. A Pretty Pomeranian

Another micro tattoo, this cute pomeranian face is so subtle and delicate. We love the very fine line work here and the charming little pink tongue.

5. This is How It’s Done

The level of detail in this tattoo is crazy. From the reflection of light in the eyes to the fur that seems to bristle around the cat’s pretty face.

4. A Bun, Hun

What’s so bunny? Rabbits are incredible little pets that love to bop around and play. This design looks like it could be from an illustrated children’s book. So precious!

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3. A Little Woof

Have you ever? This micro realistic tattoo barely looks like a tattoo. We love the expression the dog is making here. We’re not entirely sure how the tattoo artist pulled this off, but we’re glad they did.

2. A Watercolor Portrait

What a loving pet portrait! The cat is a stunner, but we really enjoy the watercolor background that resembles the night sky. Because you know this cat is the owner’s moon and stars.

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1. A Smile

Well, put a fork in it because this is well-done. This precious pop face inside a simple, heart-shaped border is everything. This tattoo manages to perfectly capture the dog’s satisfied expression. We’re in love.

Dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds are all wonderful pets that improve their owners’ lives. We love this charming pet tattoos! We hope you enjoyed them as well.

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