25 Micro Tattoos Worth Squinting At

Getting your first tattoo can be intimidating because you’re not sure how much it will hurt or if you can even handle it. For many people, starting small is the best way to go. There’s nothing smaller than a micro tattoo so the genre is popular among tattoo novices. Generally the size of a coin or smaller, micro tattoos are teeny tiny tattoos that allow people to express themselves without a huge commitment.

Finding an artist that specializes in micro tattoos is a smart move. They’re not easy for tattooers to pull off, especially if the design is intricate. As with everything, the more homework you do ahead of a visit will ensure that you achieve tattoo success. We’ve already written about micro tattoos because we love these small tattoos so much. Here are 25 more mini micro tattoos that are going to blow your mind!

25. A Little Love for Travel

Not many of us are going to hop on a plane anytime soon, but we can dream! This heart shape design communicates a love for travel and adventure.

24. Eeeeek!

Nope! This spider tattoo is extremely well done and very sharp, but it looks too real. Micro tattoos generally shrink down larger objects to small sizes. This realistic tattoo design is too convincing.

23. Mother-Daughter Tatts

Getting your mom to join you at the tattoo parlor is not always an easy task. But, mother-daughter tattoos are so wonderful. This pair got matching dragonflies that are very handsome.

22. Mother-Daughter Tatts Pt. 2

This heart tattoo design is perfectly sweet and appropriate for this mother-daughter duo.

21. A Little Puppers

Tattoos of pets are extremely popular. This adorable tattoo of this person’s dog is crisp and charming.

20. Can You Hear It?

What a tiny tattoo! This crescent moon with stars tattoo is smaller than the gauge below.

19. Age of Aquarius

Astrology tattoos are another popular genre. These wavy lines on the inside of the ring finger represent Aquarius.

18. A Little Pooh

This very small Winnie the Pooh tattoo is just adorable. Incorporating illustrations from your favorite children’s book is always a smart move.

17. Almost Paradise

If you’re a beach person, you enjoy the sun, sand, and sound of rustling palms in the wind. This wrist tattoo manages to capture the sunny scene on a very small amount of real estate.

16. Small Frog

The world’s smallest-known frogs are called pipsqueaks and they’re found in Papua New Guinea. They average just 0.4 inches in length. We think this is a tattoo of one of them and it looks like it’s to scale.

15. Spread Those Tiny Wings

Mariah Carey would sure love this butterfly ring tattoo. Done with black, grey, and white ink, this tattoo really soars.

14. Did It Sting?

We are doing our best to hang on to the Muhammed Ali quote about a butterfly and a bee right now. This thrilling fine line tattoo is as sharp as it gets.

13. Love This

Mental health tattoos are another popular genre of tattoos. This gorgeous sunflower design is the perfect reminder to always love yourself, even when you make mistakes.

12. The Tiniest Petals

This is a very, very small tattoo that looks like it could be a stick and poke design. The white is subtle, you would miss this tattoo entirely if it weren’t for the yellow center and green leaves.

11. The Cutest Frenchie

Look at this fabulous french bulldog! That face! What an adorable tribute to a little furry friend.

10. Sweet

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These tiny cherries were a choice! The micro size makes for the ultimate peekaboo tattoo.

9. Corazoncito

Red ink always looks so good! Designer Paul Rand famously said, “If you can’t make it good, make it big. If you can’t make it big, make it red.” We’re not talking big here, so red was the right choice for this heart!

8. To Give Paws

The cutest little paw! What a sweet micro tattoo design! It looks fantastic.

7. A Tipping Point

Probably the most dramatic tattoo on this list shows a vase spilling and revealing a tiny fish. The level of detail in this tiny tattoo is captivating.

6. A Blue Jay

Did the girl from Hereditary get a hold of this bird? This bluejay design floats on air.

5. Autumn Vibes

The person who got this design shared a caption that explained the leaves are in tribute to her grandparents. Fall is one of our favorite seasons and this is such a stunning nod to it and to love.

4. Good Advice

We pulled out the magnifying glass so that you do not have to. This tattoo says, “keep sunshine in your heart.” We’re going to!

3. A Most Enchanted Rose

This enchanted rose is a reference to Beauty and the Beast. Light, ethereal, and with very clean lines, this tattoo is amazing.

2. Whispered Advice

We kept the magnifying glass handy. “Love myself more than anyone else,” is always a good reminder for those who constantly put the needs of others ahead of their own. How did the artist pull off that butterfly?

1. Pretty Morbid

One of the tattoo trends we’ve been seeing this year is micro florals. Everyone seems to be obsessed with tiny flowers and we couldn’t love them any more than when found on this blue skull!

Did you have to bust your readers out to see some of these tiny tattoos? We hope you enjoyed these 25 mini tattoos. They’re such a cute way to show off just a little bit of your personality.

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