25 Very Strange, Highly Questionable Tattoos of Babies That We’re Pretty Sure We’d Never Get Permanently Inked on Our Bodies

One thing is undeniable: we love our babies! For many parents, the best way to represent that love is by getting a tattoo. Baby tattoos come in every style, shape, and size, all with the aim of commemorating the moment a new bundle of joy arrived in this world. It’s a very special time for new parents that many feel warrants lasting body decoration. Becoming a parent is emotional and emotions are not the best motivators and more often than not, emotions can lead to poor judgment. When we’re talking about tattoos we’re talking about forever so a lapse in judgment can result in a highly questionable baby tattoo that’s there for life.

From less than flattering baby portraits to truly original works of art, baby tattoos range from funny to morbid. There are some classic designs like baby footprints or simply a birthdate. Some baby tattoos are universal and celebrate fatherhood or motherhood. Other baby tattoos are esoteric, and if you’re not the one sporting the ink, you will have no idea what it means or why it’s even there. The bottom line is that people are weird and they do weird things. Whether it’s sentimentality or emotional pull, parents seem to be getting the strangest tattoos. We’ve compiled our favorite bizarre baby tattoos and think you’ll be surprised by the results. As children, it’s often hard to understand our parents and why adults do the things they do. Not much has changed. Here are 25 wonderfully wacky baby tattoos.

Syringe Baby

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This tattoo of a cherub with tattoos is an odd choice. In addition to the tattooed angel baby, another aspect of this tattoo that doesn’t translate is the syringe. Why is the baby holding an oversized syringe? We’ll probably never know the answer to that question. It’s well done at least!

Demon Baby

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Our children can make us feel so many emotions. What sort of emotional turmoil was this parent struggling with when they got this baby tattoo? The snake wrapped around this cherub’s leg is the most unsettling part of this tattoo design. Why?


Instagram Image

In case you needed a centipede-baby haunting your nightmares, this parent has a tattoo for that. We did the heavy lifting for you: this baby has twelve arms and two legs. There must be a story here, but no one told it to us.

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Grabby Baby

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When it comes to the baby tattoo genre, there are many tattoos of babyies holding their parent’s hands or fingers. However, proportions are a slight bit off in this version, making the adult finger look like an elephant trunk or Korean gaebul.

Spider Baby

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Comic books are cool and all but why does this parent associate his little one with Spider-Man? After all, Peter Parker was orphaned after his parents were killed in a plane crash.

Aging Baby

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These are a touch unsettling. We’re not sure why this person decided to get aging baby faces tattooed on their body. The wrinkles, blood-red cheeks, and receding hairline tell a tale of one baby who’s wise beyond his years.

Fragmented Baby

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You’re going to need to stare at this one for a minute. It seems like the background of this tattoo involves a blooming flower while the foreground consists of the shards of a child’s face. We might not understand this design, but we do appreciate the creativity!

Anatomy Baby

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How many times have you looked at a baby and thought to yourself, “I wonder what’s under the hood?” We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but this parent took that to a whole new level.

Baby Baby

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Nothing says baby like… “baby.” A tattoo of the word “baby” is a strange choice. We get the sentiment, but perhaps this parent could have gotten a little more creative. We’re not suggesting they tattoo a centipede-baby on themselves though. Again, not advocating for arthropod tattoos.

Skateboard Pacifier

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This parent thought it was a good idea to do a visual mashup of a pacifier and a skateboard. Why? No clue. The letter “L” is visible on the skateboard so perhaps his son’s name starts with “L.” This is a strange design but is definitely better than “baby.”

Goth Baby

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There’s so much to unpack here. The hairless cat? The spooky spires? The dead tree superimposed on a baby’s face? We’re not entirely sure what message this tattoo is supposed to convey but it’s wrapped in a heart, so it must be love.

Mustachio Baby

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Have you ever looked at your baby and wondered what he’d look like with a mustache? Probably not. One parent got a tattoo of their baby’s face with facial hair and a skull cap. Because, why not?

Tripod Baby

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This mom decided to get three baby feet tattooed on her. Each foot is meant to represent one of her three children. However, at first glance, it looks like a three-footed baby. Which is fine! At least it doesn’t have twelve arms!

Motor Baby

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This proud father clearly wants his son to follow in his footsteps and become a motorhead. Cars are great. Mechanics are important. But, couldn’t dad have chosen a better visual representation. A baby next to the wheel of a car isn’t the most appealing image.

Flat Baby

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What’s the old saying? “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” This parent got a skewed image of his child’s face on his inner arm. Because the rendering doesn’t include a hard separation or shading on the left side of the face, it looks like it is melting into the armpit.

Old Baby

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The aggressive shading on this tattoo makes this baby’s face look like it belongs to an old person. Like the aging baby tattoos, there’s something uncanny about a baby with old person features. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Knight Baby

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Hm. Dad must be a fan of Medieval Times. This baby tattoo imagines an infant in the loving embrace of a metal-clad, armored knight. We’re sure this is a literary reference to something but all we’re getting is plate armor.

Baby Teeth

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We’ve heard of parents keeping their kids’ baby teeth. But getting a tattoo of two lost teeth seems like an odd choice. Teething is not the happiest time for any family and this parent can keep that reminder.

Fetal Baby

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For many parents, seeing their baby for the first time with a fetal ultrasound is a momentous occasion. Now, imagine seeing this image instead. This tattoo gives us low-key alien vibes and if you saw that this was growing inside you, you’d be disturbed. It’s not so much the baby, it’s the “folds” and texture the artist has tattooed around it.

Fighter Baby

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Tattoos of babies with tattoos must be a trend! This baby isn’t holding a syringe, but he is tying a karate headband, or hachimaki, around his head. We’re not sure why this baby is so hard, but alas, it’s ready for a fight.

Biker Baby

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Even though this tattoo is pretty weird, it’s kind of cute? The baby’s got a pink bottle and pink bow in its hair. There’s also a stuffed animal strapped to its hog. We’re not sure what kind of parent would want this tattoo. Maybe they’re founding a baby biker club.

Macabre Baby

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The tattoo artist, Katie Farlow, who posted this photo to Instagram captioned it, “A creepy baby and skull lady for Bob! A tribute for his kids. Done from his reference.” Sorry. A “tribute for his kids” in what way? There’s a baby stabbing a “skull lady” with a spike. Not sure how great a relationship Bob has with his children, but we hope there is no lady-slaying involved.

Meta Baby

Instagram Image

Another baby with tattoos! This tattoo depicts a tattooed baby with a tattoo gun. This baby’s ready to spill some ink! We’re all about tattoos inside of tattoos so this design is a winner.

Dino Baby

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“I’m the baby!” For whatever reason, this tattoo is giving strong Dinosaurs vibes. Do you remember that awful 90s sitcom with the weird, puppet dinosaurs? It was a simpler time. Also, Tristan is such a fitting name for this little prehistoric reptile.

Narrative Baby

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This is neither the best nor worst tattoo on this list. However, it is the most mysterious one. We’ve got so many questions! As you can see, there’s a baby angel in the foreground in front of a blue box? Is it a window? Is it just the sky? Next, there are clouds that seem to fade out, unlike the block of blue sky. On the clouds, there’s a small globe with an embryo in it? What’s that blue ball supposed to be? Is this a tattoo about death?

Take a closer look at the angel’s face. The hair doesn’t seem to fit on the head and there are stray hairs that make the face look almost like it’s patchwork. Very odd. Ultimately, this tattoo is like a very strange reimagining of a Precious Moments card.

Babies! You got to love them! But, you don’t have to get tattoos in their honor. Some parents have some truly incredible and beautiful tattoos. Others, like some on this list, really could have thought things through before permanently altering their skin. Bad baby tattoos are always fun to look at. It’s advised that you don’t, but please never stop getting them, parents!

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