Conflict Resolution: TikTok Couple Shares Useful ‘Relationship Workout Hack’ To Do When Things Get Heated

Being in a relationship comes with its fair share of arguments and disagreements, but one TikTok couple is sharing a relationship workout hack that promotes conflict resolution in a much more controlled environment. Not only that, but it helps promote a more healthy, active, happy, and peaceful lifestyle. 

The relationship workout hack is simple. Whenever you’re mad at your partner or you feel an argument brewing, don’t speak to one another for at least 20 minutes. Instead, find a quiet place to take a deep breath and do a 20-minute workout – push-ups, treadmill, jump rope, or anything you have laying around.

The 20-minute break is designed to give both partners some space before attempting to resolve the conflict. Since tempers are usually at an all-time high as an argument begins, it’s best to save the argument until both sides are calm. The workout simply helps to relieve all that stress and anxiety. 

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“For me, like when I get upset, I go into a little bit of fight or flight, where I just become very reactive and I might say something that I shouldn’t. So, that’s where it’s best for me to work out. And then I’m usually just way calmer so I can actually be productive and reasonable,” said one-half of the couple on TikTok. 

Her significant other also chimed in with how the relationship workout hack helps him. “When I was a kid like if I was grumpy, my parents would have me go out and just run around. Just go do something for a little bit. It always worked for me,” he said. I think it’s something we can all relate to when we were young.

This has saved us from so many fights

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“I think just letting each other express fully how you’re feeling and what your thoughts were. You know, why you became upset or whatever, I think that it’s really key to just moving past things,” he continued. His partner-in-crime added she hopes the hack helps but warns it’ll be different for each unique couple. 

Over the past few years, TikTok users have blessed us with a variety of life hacks to improve everyday living – this relationship workout hack is just the newest installment. While it’s not designed to improve everyone’s relationship, it can help the right couples overcome those petty arguments they have daily.

Other Conflict Resolution Hacks When in a Relationship

In a world where 70% of unmarried couples break up within a year and 41% of first marriages end in divorce – that number is even higher for subsequent marriages – conflict resolution has to be at the forefront of any relationship. If not, those little arguments will cause more damage than you can imagine.

According to Northcentral University, conflict resolution is best achieved when couples are open-minded and communicative. They explain how couples should be able to directly express their problems one argument at a time without blaming their other half. The more you avoid the problem, the worse it gets. 

When things aren’t going well and your small arguments only lead to bigger arguments, couples are urged to give couples therapy or couples counseling. Meeting with a professional, who can act as a mediator for all your conflicts, will help you and your partner focus on solving the problem, not adding to it.

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Nonetheless, couples should give the relationship workout hack a try before dismissing it as ineffective. Not only can it help you and your partner move past any arguments, disagreements, or conflicts, but it helps everyone involved live a more happy, healthy, and more meaningful life. Here’s to a happy relationship!

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