Mom Reveals That Her Mother-in-Law Tried to Kill Her on Purpose But Still Wants to Babysit the Grandkids

Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, and this way might take the cake.

A mom recently shared on Reddit that her former mother-in-law deliberately tried to kill her by giving her food that she was allergic to. Bizarrely, the mother-in-law now seems confused about why she is no longer allowed to babysit her grandchildren.

a mom says her mother-in-law admitted to trying to kill her — and yet, she wonders why she can no longer babysit her grandkids
REDDIT / CafeMom

The post, which has since been removed from Reddit, lives on in screenshots over at CafeMom. “So some of you have been asking about the time my ex MIL almost killed me – on purpose,” her post begins.

“My ex MIL doesn’t believe in allergies,” she continues. Uh oh… We think we see where this one’s going…

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mom reveals that her mother-in-law tried to kill her on purpose but still wants to babysit the grandkids

“Apparently anyone with an allergy is just ‘attention seeking,'” the mom adds. “Now I have a really severe dairy allergy. We were at MIL’s for dinner and she made a big show of telling everyone how she bought soya specially for me – except she hadn’t.”

Oh. Wow. It’s really going there, isn’t it?

“Instead she cooked with normal cream and cheese – as I soon discovered when I went into anaphylactic shock and had to be blue lighted to hospital where my heart stopped.”

Um… oh my god????

mom reveals that her mother-in-law tried to kill her on purpose but still wants to babysit the grandkids

The anonymous mom adds:

She admitted afterwards to my ex that she thought I was making my allergy up and was testing me. Two of my kinds have the same allergy. And she wonders why I won’t let her babysit… And I know you’re all going to want to know why I didn’t press charges – believe me I thought about it and everyone from my parents to my eldest child told me I should, but at the time I just didn’t have the energy to do it – wish I had though.”

– Reddit

The anonymous mom also wrote, “I decided not to press charges because of the mental impact it would have on me and my middle child in particular (who also has the same allergy and was completely traumatized at the time) however I arranged a phone appointment with my solicitor for early next week to talk through the options,” according to CafeMom.

mom reveals that her mother-in-law tried to kill her on purpose but still wants to babysit the grandkids

So in short, this woman’s (now-former) mother-in-law decided on her own that her daughter-in-law’s “severe dairy allergy was made up for “attention,” secretly fed her dairy products, watched her go into anaphylactic shock, and then wonders why she is not allowed to babysit her daughter-in-law’s kids, despite the fact that those very kids have the exact same allergy. It’s honestly hard to fathom!

Her post was shared to the “JUST NO MIL” Reddit subforum, which offers “Support for those with nasty, cruel, toxic, abusive MILs & moms.” And… yeah… that seems just right for this story.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to listen to people when they say they have a food allergy, especially if it is “severe.” Your opinion on the matter is not actually relevant at all. And if you do decide to commit attempted murder by, essentially, poisoning a loved one, just know that you forfeit your right to complain about babysitting.

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