25 Subdermal Implants That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Have you ever wanted to insert a shape under your skin? If you answered “yes,” we’ve got just the body mod trend for you: subdermal implants. A subdermal implant is placed underneath the skin. Eeek! The skin grows over the implant and creates a raised design. Many subdermal implants are made out of silicone, either carved or mold injected. Which means, the possibilities are endless.

Unlike tattoos, subdermal objects are body art in 3-D and offer a completely different effect. These objects come in all shapes and sizes and can be formed into just about any shape a person would like. We decided to explore the world of subdermal body mod to discover what types of shapes and designs the kids are getting these days. Here are 25 super subdermal implants that will definitely make your skin crawl.

The Ring


Here’s a subtle example to get us started. Do you spot that raised ring on this person’s hand? It proves that although the process seems extreme, subdermal implants are often very subtle.


Spinal motifs and stacked shapes are popular. Here, we find three raised ridges shaped like a mini spinal column.

It Glows

25 Subdermal Implants That Will Make Your Skin Crawl | Have you ever loved a shape so much you wanted it shoved under your skin? We welcome you to the world of subdermal implantation.

The silicone implant can offer more than just a desired shape! The implant itself can also be glow in the dark so, under a blacklight, it really shines.


Here’s another example of the stacked spinal shape a lot of people want. It gives the hand an almost creature-feature amphibian quality.


Shapes for these implants really do run the gamut from minimalist to rather detailed. This skull implant looks rather ominous. Perhaps the person with it wanted a gentle reminder of their mortality.

Catch a Falling Star

Small subdermal implants are also a possibility. You don’t need to get a big one that overtakes the top of your hand. This cute little star on the thumb is rather charming.

Bass Clef

Here’s a teeny-tiny bass clef shape inserted into the ear. If you didn’t know to look for it, you’d probably miss this little detail.

Power On

Just like piercings, ears are popular locations for little tiny implants. Here, we find another power button but tucked inside the folds of the ear this time.

The Croc

We thought this one was a key until we read the caption. This just so happens to be a crocodile shape. Because, why not?

Animal Skull

We think this is a gargoyle-inspired subdermal. For a touch of goth, consider something similar.

Cherry Blossom

The person who shared this image explained that the shape is a cherry blossom and a symbol of Japan. While that sentiment is beautiful, we’re not sure this shape reads flower.


Wow! This little lightning bolt in the ear is a fun one! The small ear subdermal implants don’t seem to bother us as much. It’s almost like another piece of jewelry.

Crescent Moon

This person has a moon tattoo on one hand and a subdermal to match on the other. This is a very interesting design that would be great for night owls.


Well. This person has opted for a toxic or poison symbol. It’s such an intricate shape which makes it even more unsettling.

Anchors Away

25 Subdermal Implants That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Anchor tattoos have been the tattoo du jour for sailors for centuries. This little implant seems like a play on that cliché.

Must Be Love

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can shove it right into your hand? We don’t know if the person with this implant is a poker player, but we’d wager it’s a safe bet.

Big Star

This implant redefines starstruck. Stars are very popular shapes for tattoos, jewelry for piercings, and all sorts of other designs and art. We see a lot of star-shaped implants as well.

Shooting Star

Another example is found in this ear which has a shooting star implant inside. Can this person hear it twinkle twinkle?


This big triangle seems rather extreme. However, this simple shape is much more appealing than other, more intricate designs. All of these just seem like a bad handwashing accident in the making.


If you want them to think you’re a star, show them! These star implants on the head were a choice.

Power Rangers?

This image gave us such “team go” vibes. We spy a triangle with a heart-shaped indentation, a cog, and starfish swirlies. Are these people the ones who will save us?

Bombs Away

Yes, you can go ahead and check off grenade-shoved-in-the-hand off the list. Body modification is a form of self-expression and this person is, indeed, expressing a thing.


Have you ever wanted your arm to look like it was broken in five places? We’ve got just the thing!

Screwed Up

This person’s arm looks like a giant screw and we’re at a loss for words for how uncomfortable it makes us. If you’re going to do a thing, we suppose you should go all the way.

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Alien or Snout?

Well, this is an alien face implant and the only reason we know that is from the person’s caption on the image. From the angle we’re provided, it looks like a pig’s snout or even cartoonishly large human nostrils.

There you go! 25 subdermal implants that illustrate the diversity of shapes you can get thrust underneath your skin. We hope you enjoyed these body mods!

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