25 Daring Throat Tattoos That Put Detail Front and Center

Tattoos on the neck are commonly referred to by tattoo artists and enthusiasts as “jobstoppers” or “job stoppers.” They’re a big commitment in that these tattoos are frowned upon by some employers and people who still think tattoos are unprofessional. Additionally, these tattoos aren’t as trendy as others because they feel awful. The neck is one of the most tender spots on your body and your throat is especially sensitive because humans instinctually want to protect it from injury.

However, these factors have not stopped a brave few who have made their throat tattoo dreams a reality by getting ambitious designs on the area. We decided to take a look at some current trends for this special form of neck tattoo to get a better sense of what the kids are doing these days. We found that an exceedingly popular design consists of butterflies of moths with their wings spreading outward from the throat. To stay consistent with what we encountered we’ve included many incredible designs of these winged creatures on this list, but there’s more to this genre of tattoo than just arthropods! Here are 25 thrilling throat tattoos that feel a bit dangerous but look incredible.

A Gem

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@alfexander (Source)

This dazzling geometric gem tattoo with a border of circles was a bold choice. Deep purples and the contrasting shapes give the overall design so much intensity. We suspect this is the beginning of something larger, but we think it looks excellent already.


25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@vidamechelle (Source)

Tattoos done in the Mandala-style have become so popular these days. Part flower, part abstract shapes, you’ll see a few like this on the list. The design does invoke a sense of peace and serenity which we love.

All-Seeing Eye

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@tattoodennis (Source)

Wow! This eye on the neck looks uncanny. We especially like the shield-shaped border here. Take a look at all the different shading techniques employed for this design. They offer such texture and appeal.

Fall Into the Void

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@tymelesstattoo (Source)

Ouch! This very bold design features a big, black hole surrounded by a geometric border. If you’re going to go all out, you can consider something similar for yourself.

Moth Magic

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@eccentric_tattoo_studio (Source)

The Death’s-head hawkmoth is a popular choice for neck tattoos as it is an ideal shape that accentuate the throat’s natural shape. This one exists in a Mandala-style pattern.

More Bug

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@thetattooshop.co.uk (Source)

People aren’t scared to bug out with their neck tattoos. Here, we find another creep crawly that’s absolutely enormous. This impressive tattoo uses green and gold inks for an unforgettable result.

Zipped Right Up

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@inkmindcrew (Source)

This tattoo is based on a tribal design. Does this look like a zipper to you? The shape reminded us of a zipper going up the neck. The orangish-yellow used for the center of the design makes this tattoo massively interesting to look at.

Ugly Cat

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@tattoosbywoodie (Source)

You too, could have a greedy-looking cat tattoo if you follow this person’s lead. We don’t know why you would, but we wouldn’t judge you for it.

A Bizarre Trip

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@sramdip (Source)

Optical illusion tattoos are excellent because they trick the eye into thinking shapes of the body are different than they actually are. Here we find a popular “twist” shape that makes this person’s neck look very long and very strange.

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Goth Futurism?

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@bryan_vomit (Source)

This is a cross between a circuit and a crop circle. It’s got plenty of sci-fi appeal and is wholly original. We’ve never seen anything quite like this, but we wouldn’t mind catching more similar designs.

Indigo Flower

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@_jarvis_paul_ (Source)

This giant black and purple rose is certainly a showstopper. If you’re going to go with flowers, one way to make an impact is by choosing an oversized tattoo.

Butterfly Whimsy

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@freyalovephoto (Source)

This stunning butterfly with a woman’s face tattoo takes a classic design and breathes new life into it. We love the detail of the eyes in the butterfly’s wings.

Moth Madness

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@savageinktattoo (Source)

Here, we find another design that incorporates human features in the wings of a moth. This very dark and moody tattoo will not be for everyone, but we thought it was an interesting choice.

Abstract Beauty

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@iltatuaggiomag (Source)

Have you ever? This amazing design uses flower motifs to inform its abstract qualities. Thick, bold, black lines pack a punch while still remaining approachable.

Lovely Lotus

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@inkbyhannah (Source)

The tattoo artist who shared this image explained that its actually covering an older design the person no longer wanted. We love the purples and pink inks found in this flower.


25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@tattoodo (Source)

This emotive flaming heart with swords through it looks very uncomfortable when placed on the neck like this. We find little pin-sized swords which look as if they’re stabbing directly into the throat!


25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@ryanthax_13 (Source)

Take a look at all the dots used to create the honeycomb shape. If you love bees, you could do no better than a giant one right on your Adam’s apple.

Dark, Dark, Dark

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@marcel_birkenhauer (Source)

We find another moth tattoo on this neck, but this one looks more like an alien or monster. Below, we find nails and back drops. We have no idea what’s going on here but appreciate this original, personal aesthetic.

Ferocious Viper

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@olgaduranbrown (Source)

Nothing says “hello, friend” like a viper that’s ready to attack. While it might look intimidating, this design is completely informed by older, traditional tattoos and should look somewhat familiar to those interested in the likes of Sailor Jerry and Tom Hardy.

No Comment?

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@tattoosnob (Source)

We have absolutely no idea. We guess this is supposed to look like the inside of his throat? A scary scene, no doubt.

Creepy Bat

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@appleyardtattoo (Source)

It’s totally fine to get a little weird and embrace your dark side. This very stylistic bat design is complete with a blood-red crescent moon. Check out all the fine lines used for the wings and the spiderweb.

Rose Red

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@mikeythompson_tattoo (Source)

Here’s another beautiful rose tattoo right on the throat. As with the last, these look best in this placement when they’re on the larger side. The way the color has been applied, leaving room between the outline and the shading, gives this tattoo a glowing quality.

Big and Bold

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@missngnmbr (Source)

We told you people were fans of things with wings on their necks! In this case we’re treated to an abstract design that’s been shaded jet black. For whatever reason, it gives this a masculine feel which balances things out.


25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@camtattoo (Source)

Go ahead and get an alien abduction scene right on your neck and you can enjoy similar. While we mostly find abstract designs or images from nature, here, we get to see something completely different. Keep doing you, folks.

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Negative Space

25 Daring Throat Tattoos
@kingaewelina_ink (Source)

While we’ve shown you a few butterfly tattoos, you have not seen one like this on the list. The artist has reserved negative space to create this haunting tattoo. What a fun piece.

There you go! 25 throat tattoos that we hope to inspire your own, if you’re considering getting one yourself. These tattoos are nearly impossible to keep covered year-round so be sure to fully think things through before pulling the trigger.

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