My Boyfriend Keeps Making Comments About How Much I Eat While Pregnant: Any Advice?

A pregnant community member writes in asking for advice on how to get her boyfriend to stop teasing her about her eating habits while pregnant.

A Community Member asks,

“I am pregnant and my boyfriend makes comments about how much I eat: Thoughts?”

My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child together. He’s been very supportive in every way, but one thing that bothers me is his jokes about me eating. I’m currently six months, and my appetite is increasing. I find myself in the kitchen all day and night. He’s starting to hurt my feelings with his teasing. He says things like, “Let me hurry up and get something before it’s all gone.” Or “Damn you just ate? You eating again??!” And then laughs about it. He knows it upsets me, and he says I’m just kidding calm down. But my feelings are really hurt. I don’t know how to get him to understand that my body is going through all types of changes, and I would like for him to be more sensitive. Any tips?

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice For Pregnant Mom On How To Deal With Boyfriend Teasing Her About Her Eating

Fan QuestionI am pregnant and my boyfriend makes comments about how much I eat: Thoughts?My boyfriend and I are…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Sunday, January 5, 2020

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Advice Summary

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Responses from the community included the following pieces of advice:

“If you’re eating healthy foods I don’t see a problem w it! But I can see him possibly being worried about it for the sake of the baby if you are eating unhealthy food. You actually shouldn’t gain more than 20 lbs in your pregnancy. “Eating for Two” isn’t really a true statement. I would talk to your midwife/obgyn.”

“He should just be quiet, he’s not growing the baby you are. Not saying you don’t, or that his crap is acceptable, but try eating healthier more filling foods and cut back on how much you eat. I was in the kitchen day and night with my first, but once I got the right foods in, my hunger calmed down.”


“I get it your sensitive, but he is joking about something that is true according to you. So, You should listen to him. “Eating for 2″ is actually a myth. Overeating during pregnancy is really bad and can lead to a lot of problems. I think y’all should go talk to your doctor about it together, to get a mutual understanding.”

“Omg my husband is the same it’s annoying, but he does that to joke around because he knows how upset I get, so I try not to eat much in front of him…lol.”

“Eating for 2 is a myth and too much eating or weight gain isn’t good for you or baby. As for him tell him even though he thinks he’s joking your hormones are all over and it’s hurting your self-confidence. Tell him to please stop. If he doesn’t then he is being mean and a jack azz.”

Final Thoughts

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The most popular advice was to express how she felt to her boyfriend, ignore his teasing, and to try to eat as healthy as she can for both her and her baby. When it comes to relationships you have two very different individuals. Communication is the key to having a successful family life. Communicating how you feel is important but finding the right time is even of greater importance. In the heat of the moment isn’t always the best time to address it. Finding the right words is also important. Look for the best time and words to state your feelings go a long way in understanding one another.

Something else that caught my attention from the advice given, was the consistent statement that “Eating For Two” is a myth. Since this is a common thought I wanted to do the research and clarify this phrase. While it isn’t necessarily true it does have some meaning behind it.

In the past, it was thought that a fetus was taking all the necessary nourishment from the mother, regardless of her diet. Experts now believe that it’s the growing baby who suffers if the mother’s diet is lacking. Your baby’s health and growth are directly related to what you eat before and during your pregnancy.

You are eating for the good health of both you and your baby so it isn’t just how much you eat but what you eat that matter. So with this in mind remember that you’re eating for a baby, not another full-size adult, quality over quantity.

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