8 Gender Reveals Gone Hilariously Wrong

Gender reveals are all the rage and an exciting way to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Couples plan thoughtful – and sometimes elaborate – ways to find out the news, including popping balloons filled with pink or blue confetti, cutting into cakes filled with pink or blue buttercream, or staging gender reveal parties in their backyards. Most of the time, the plans work out great, but every once in awhile, things don’t go exactly according to plan, leading to hilarious, though very disappointing, gender reveals.

We’ve rounded some of our favorite examples of gender reveal fails. Click below to check out some of the most notable fails we could find.

8 Gender Reveal Fails That We Can’t Stop Laughing At

The Case of the Missing Confetti

This couple excitedly popped a “He or She? Pop to See!” balloon to find out if they were having a boy or a girl only to discover that someone had forgotten to include the confetti…

Switched at Balloons

In a confusing reveal, this couple found out they were having a…pineapple? Looks like someone got the balloon orders mixed up.

Strike Out

They planned a magical baseball moment to reveal the sex of their child. Instead, Dad missed the ball altogether, but they did find out they’re having a girl so still counts as a win!

Too Much of a Good Thing

This guy got overly excited about eating cupcakes and missed the gender reveal completely.

The Timing Wasn’t Right

This gender reveal was ultimately successful, but the timing was just a bit off.

Water Balloon Fail

Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Awry After the Device Used Accidentally Detonated Like a Pipe Bomb Killing a Relative

When you spring for the nicer quality water balloons only to realize they don’t pop as easily.

A Reveal That Hits You Right Over the Head

The idea here was to pull the string to reveal pink or blue balloons and the gender of their baby. Unfortunately, they got a box to the head instead.

Not the Best Wake Up Call

This woman thought the best idea to reveal the gender of their baby was to wake her husband up with a cake. Spoiler alert: It did not go well.

Sometimes the most memorable moments are the ones that didn’t go exactly according to plan. We have no doubt the above couples will remember their gender reveal fiascos for years to come.  

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