Month: May 2019

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19 Funny and Relatable Parenting Tweets That Will Make You Feel Seen

Knowing we aren’t going through this whole parenting thing alone is a good feeling. It’s nice to feel seen. These 19 funny parenting tweets do just that. Sure, maybe we “should” be putting away the laundry or catching up on our reading, but after a long day of parenting, we like to unwind with the people who get it, in 280 characters or less. Thanks to the most hilarious moms and dads on Twitter, we feel less alone in the parenting madness. Shake the guilt, grab a drink, and curl up with that beloved iPhone, because we’re here to round up the latest hilarious parenting tweets. Here are the top tweets that made us laugh, weep, and nod in solidarity. Loooong Weekend Survival RELATED: 13 Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Really Sum Up the Whole Experience Potty Mouth Mamas Lego Witticisms Go the F to Sleep “I’m Starving!!” Miss Independent The Game of Life They’ll Never Know the Struggle Skincare Goals Mama Tried Parenting Is the New Black Reality Royalty Millennial Intolerance Mother Knows Best See, don’t you feel seen now? Isn’t it nice to know that we are all going through this, and it’s absurd for every last one of …

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5 Unusual Baby Names Your Kid Is Guaranteed to Hate

Fifi Trixiebell. Satchel. Blue Ivy. Kyd. Celebrities can get away with a lot, including picking unusual baby names that stray way left of traditional. And if celebrities can do it, so can we… right? Wrong. Just like wearing a hat on your hat, some things are best left to the tried-and-true paparazzi magnets, not those of us just trying to get every last spaghetti-crusted sippy cup into the dishwasher before bedtime. I’m not saying you shouldn’t name your kid something off-the-wall just because Beyoncé did. I mean, follow your dreams and all that. I just urge you to carefully consider the long-term ramifications for the actual living human being who is your child. RELATED: The Best Celebrity Baby Names of 2019 (So Far) You love your kids, right? And you want them to be happy? Of course you do! So please, for the sake of your future children, stop and think twice before choosing one of these 5 kinds of unusual baby names they’re basically guaranteed to hate. The Syllable-Heavy Last Name as First Name via GIPHY There’s been a recent trend of baby names that would be more at home as the surname for a British viscount: think Hunter, …

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