25 Halloween Tattoos for All of Us Who Want Year-Round Frights

For most people, Halloween is a seasonal holiday that comes once a year after the leaves have turned. For the rest of us, it’s a mood we like to keep going all year long. Halloween tattoos express a love of the holiday and all its ghoulish goodness. Halloween is actually a way of life. Don’t believe us? We found 25 people who would argue that Halloween should be celebrated year-round.

Scary stories, spooky imagery, and beloved scenes from horror movies all make a showing in Halloween tattoos. From witches and spiderwebs to ghosts and pumpkins, there are so many designs that are easy to customize and make all your own. If you’re looking for scary tattoo inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We found 25 recent Halloween tattoos that we absolutely love. These awesome tattoos are making us want tricks and treat!

Jack O’ Lantern

This black, grey, and orange tattoo is thrilling. We love the pairing of a rose with a pumpkin. It’s the perfect balance between scary and sweet.

Black Cat

This traditional style Halloween cat in a hat is a blast. We love this bold tattoo design.

Ghostly Goodness

Here’s a moody one! This eerie tattoo features thousands of dots that have been used to shade it. We love the contrast between the black and grey against the orange of the pumpkin.


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a Halloween classic that’s been slaying the game since 1966. This tattoo pays homage to one of its cutest moments.


Classic monster movies like The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Wolfman scared audiences in the 1940s and continue to captivate the imagination. We love this mask tattoo.

Michael Myers

John Carpenter‘s thriller, Halloween ushered in a new age of horror movie after it premiered in 1977. People have been obsessed with the masked killer, Michael Myers ever since. This amazing tattoo that mashes up Halloween and A Clockwork Orange is a winner.


If there are two things we love, it’s cats and witches. This fabulous tattoo design combines so many things we love about this holiday. Take a look at that cat’s expression! We could use that menacing energy!

Casket Case

How about this casket tattoo with a spooky scene inside? We’re very much into this creative design.


Here, we find another cemetery with some haunting imagery. We love the shape of this ghost, it’s so cute!

Poison Pumpkin

A Disney and Halloween is always a great idea! This reimagining of the poison apple from Snow White as a pumpkin is not only creative, it’s so delicious.

What a Nightmare!

Shock-Lock-Barrel! We love this Nightmare Before Christmas themed full sleeve. As the filler, this person has chosen Halloween candy, and we fully endorse that decision!


Nothing says Halloween like plastic vampire fangs! This wonderfully weird tattoo pays homage to everyone’s favorite holiday costume and right of passage.


1,000 yeses to this cutesie ghost tattoo. We love the inclusion of the bouquet of flowers here. Can we be friends?


An ominous black bird always makes us think of creepy times. This gorgeous raven tattoo contains tons of detail that help make it a true standout.

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Feeling Kinda Rotten

Sometimes you carve that pumpkin a little too early so by Halloween it looks a little like this. We love this creepy-crawly design.


We didn’t know we needed a witch tattoo with three eyes, but here we are! This stunner is light on color which gives it an ethereal feel.

Spooky SpongeBob

Yes, we’d love Patrick dressed as a mummy and SpongeBob costumed as a vampire for the holiday! What an adorable tattoo.


The person who shared this image explained that the design was inspired by an old postcard for Halloween. It’s so completely unnerving. We’d like one too!

Hocus Pocus!

Hocus Pocus changed the world after it premiered in 1993. It’s now considered a classic Halloween adventure movie. This tattoo of Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson is everything!

The Book

We can’t get enough of the Hocus Pocus love! Another fan got a tattoo of the iconic Spellbook featured in the film. If you recall, the book was given to Winnie by the devil himself.


Ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah! Friday the 13th is another Halloween favorite. The movie features one of the best villains ever, Jason. We love this homage to the evil, hockey mask-wearing murderer.

How’s Your Head?

Here’s another unsettling tattoo! A girl with a pumpkin for a head manages to be way creepier than any gore.


Bats have gotten a bad reputation since the start of the pandemic, but they’re actually cute! Okay, this tattoo is cute actual bats, not-so-much.


Are you team candy corn or not? We love this candy-filled tattoo and all of the little pastel dots that fill its face. How cute!

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Set the Scene

This spooktastic Halloween features a UFO with all sorts of Halloween faves. This is certainly original!

There you go! 25 Halloween tattoos for horror lovers who celebrate this creepy holiday on the daily.

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