25 Pierced Tattoos That Prove People Can’t Get Enough Needle

Tattoo and piercing combinations or pierced tattoos are an excellent way to accentuate an existing design and add extra sparkle. Dermal piercings are achieved by implanting an anchor beneath the surface of the skin that will allow a stud or other piece of jewelry to attach to it. It sounds painful because it absolutely is!

Tattoos are wonderful forms of self-expression and with an added piece of jewelry, they’re taken to new meaningful heights. We decided to take a look at the latest pierced tattoo people are getting to better understand this trend and the creative ways people are choosing to bedazzle their tattoos. Here are 25 pierced tattoos that truly shine.

Diamond Detail

Here, we find a standard cartilage piercing through the upper part of the ear. The micro ear tattoo looks so cute with the diamond stud sparkling at its center.

Dainty Dermals

Flowers ranging from roses to cherry blossoms are often jazzed up with dermal piercings like these. This simple black ink tattoo is completely softened by the touch of sparkle.

Can’t Go Wrong

Really, if you’re considering a dermal implant and tattoo combination, a flower is going to be a safe bet. We love the color this gem brings to the piece.

Little Detail

Here’s another ear with a studded flower. We know we showed you one already but this one was so precious we couldn’t pass it up.


Additionally, people will get dermal studs to mimic the shape or to pair with their tattoos. These little dots that increase in size is an excellent example of using piercing to make a tattoo even more appealing.


This watercolor tattoo is so airy that it juxtaposes with the sharpness of the jewelry. We’re not sure how we feel about this look. What do you think?

A Touch of Shine

This cute lotus design is improved by the inclusion of a tiny little stud. If you’re looking for an elegant way to shine up a tattoo, this is how you do it.


We love this. Sometimes the jewelry is the story and the tattoo is merely background. There’s clearly a currency theme going on here.

Little Red Dot

This teeny-tiny red stud is so effective because it’s so small inside a very large, busy design. It doesn’t hurt that it’s bright red in a sea of black and grey!


Namaste! This cutie is a smart use of a stud to complete a design. We feel at peace now.


This calming blue stud is cradled by a crescent moon tattoo. Simple, clean, and smartly planned.

Sting of the Scorpion

This tattoo of an abstract scorpion is interesting. We like that it’s pinching a diamond!

Leave Some Sparkle

Someone took “leave a little sparkle wherever you go,” to heart. This cheerful quote tattoo puts its meaning to practice with a flower-shaped stud.

What a Time

This very big half sleeve is a tribute to one mom’s children and she has stopwatches tattooed with the date and time of birth for each. This is somehow made even cuter by the addition of dermal piercings.


Okay! This one seems completely random to us, but we liked how nice the lines were. We guess love is on fire and the diamond is part of the flame?


This tattoo appears to be of Medusa. We love how it looks like a statue. The crystal adds a touch of lightness to an otherwise serious design.

Butterfly Bling

We’re not sure that “bling” is a term people still use but we wanted to add some alliteration there. Forgive us. Adding dermal piercings to a tattoo will help bring them to life. This butterfly with diamond antennae is a cute refresh!

Bedazzled Bird

This darling little hummingbird looks a bit possessed, but we’re into it. We think a smaller piece of jewelry would like better.

Diamond in the Dagger

If you’re going to get a dagger impaling a heart tattooed on your face, why not make that baby shine? This micro piercing is a great addition.

Shining Stars

Although it’s hard to see at this angle, that’s a very big tattoo of a bird. Around it, you’ll find black starbursts with diamonds in the center of each. Why not?

Gorgeous & Geometric

This mandala-inspired design is made even more perfect by the squarely centered dermal at its center. This design is all about the dots!


This tattoo of a flower has a stem that says “sister.” What a loving and special tattoo and piercing combo.


We think this abstract line is a unalome, but it could also just be a decorative squiggle. We love that it’s topped with some dazzle. This looks very neat!

Bugging Out

We absolutely detest bugs, but this beetle looks charming with a green gem on its back. Make your own rules, folks!

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In Buddhist art and culture, the Urna is a spiral or circular dot placed on the forehead of Buddhist images as an auspicious mark. We love the decision to complete this tattoo with a lovely dermal implant.

There you go! 25 excellent ideas for how to combine tattoos and piercings or how to compliment an existing tattoo with a dermal. We hope you’re inspired and aren’t too scared to give this trend a try.

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