25 Totally Awesome Tattoos That Are All About Tantalizing Typography & Fabulous Fonts

Let’s talk about typographic tattoos! Quotes, names, and dates are all popular designs. Each type utilizes a font to give it distinction and style. When deciding on a typeface for your tattoos it’s important to consider how the actual shape of the letters read. Do you want a strictly business font or one that’s a touch more playful?

We decided to take a deep dive into different typographic tattoos that highlight the variety of styles and fonts that are available to you. Choosing the best typography will make your tattoo more meaningful and help convey the mood or tone you’re after. If you’ve got a certain aesthetic in mind, you can usually ask your tattoo artist to work with you to design an original font or discover one that’s the perfect fit. Here are 25 typographic tattoos that play with fonts, types, and even typeface to bring designs to life.

What It Is

Check out this lovely lettering! “It is what it is,” is one of the most annoying things people say, but it sure looks excellent as in these swooping letters.

No More

A bold font will help a tattoo really deliver. Here, we find an almost gothic style lettering that helps convey strength and finality.


They put vibes in their vibes. This awesome red ink tattoo has transformed letters to mimic the word’s meaning.


Here, we find a design that’s reminiscent of a classic film’s final card. If you love old movies, consider getting a tattoo in the font that’s used in one of your favorite films.


“You only hit me up in your lonely hours,” is the perfect sad-girl tattoo that we’d totally get. This casual font helps bring humanity to the design.

Don’t Cry

Woah! This cry baby tattoo has a sensational wave through it. Feel free to bend the rules and mess with the shape of lettering as you work on your design.


Can we get a glass of milk, please? This very spicy tattoo sizzles in red ink.


A brutalist typeface will help bring a tattoo design a bold and structured appeal. A concept as esoteric as magic seems concrete in this example.


Who needs an orderly tattoo? The character given to this word’s lettering mimics the idea behind it. If 2020 were a tattoo, it’d be this.

Crystal Clear

Let’s make things perfectly clear! Neat, sharp lettering is a skill that takes artists time to master. Here, it’s done perfectly.


The shape of the letters seems to be pulling down which gives this design a fantastically ominous feel.


Another gothy design for your viewing pleasure. We love the bold black ink for this statement piece.

In It

Here, we find a font that’s horror move worthy. We love the way the shape of these letters makes it somewhat difficult to read.

Even This

“Everything happens for a reason” is another quote we’re not too fond of, but looks excellent in this typeface. Find inspiration and hope where you can!


Here’s a fun font! We feel like you would find similar on a travel brochure from the late 80s or early 90s.


Well, hand tattoos aren’t going to be for everyone. But, if you’re going to go all out, by all means, go all out. Rage, my friends. Rage.

In the Moment

Take that moment! This lovely lettering is all the rage right now. We see similar on just about every wedding invitation we receive.

Want It

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This person clearly has some wants they need to communicate. This swoopy, romantic font is a perfect fit.

The Leader

Here, we find two contrasting fonts to help communicate the idea. “Follow” is done in a glamorous font while “ME” is in all caps and very boxy.

Thumbs Up

Keep that chin up, honey! This subtle font looks excellent here. We love the way all the dots of the I’s line up perfectly.

Her Name

You should absolutely go baroque and grand with your fonts. If you don’t want a demur tattoo, choose an exceptionally grandiose font like this one.

Joy Division?

There’s a popular Joy Division song called “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” We have not heard the remix “Love Will Tear Us Apars.” Perhaps this is a joke?

You’re My…

We wonder if the other shoulder has “devil” tattooed on it? This super crisp font is an excellent, timeless choice.

The Comedy

A tattoo artist decided to give himself this tattoo as a sort of joke. We’re very much into the meta tattoo idea.

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Don’t let them dictate how you do you. We love this intricate font and the scratched through detail.

There you go! 25 typographic tattoos that really bring the type. We hope you feel inspired by these designs and will consider some of these styles for your next tattoo.

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