25 Hocus Pocus Tattoos That Will Make You Run Amok

Hocus Pocus is a comedy-horror film about three witches, the Sanderson sisters: Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. The trifecta was killed in 1693, only to be resurrected 300 years later when the black flame candle was lit on All Hallows Eve. While we all eagerly await a rumored sequel, we can celebrate our love of the film with some Hocus Pocus tattoos! If watching the Sanderson sisters steal the souls of children on Halloween is a tradition for you, you’re going to love the ink people have gotten to display their devotion to the beloved film. From portraits of the characters (yes, there’s a lot of Bette Midler) to legendary props from the movie, there’s something for everyone. Are you ready for some tattoos that will put a spell on you? Here are 25 Hocus Pocus tattoos that we think will make you run amok.

Winifred’s Splitting Headache

The star of the film, Bette Midler is beautifully tattooed here as Winifred Sanderson. In this creative design, she’s split to reveal the spellbook. We love the inclusion of autumnal leaves here.


The Spell Book from the film contains all the goods. In this very fun tattoo, we find it paired with the black-flame candle. A purple cloud is incorporated into the design for good measure.

Billy Butcherson

Billy Butcherson, Winifred’s unfaithful lover is brought back as a zombie to help the sisters to steal the souls of all the children of Salem, Massachusetts. Here, we find him as the subject of a half sleeve tattoo that’s beautifully done.

Twist the Bones

For a spellbinding Hocus Pocus tattoo, consider one of the spells from the film! “Twist the bones and bend the back” is one of the most popular. We love it paired with this manicured hand in this magical design.

Need a Lift?

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Matching Sanderson Sisters tattoos!

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Who needs a broom? In one of the funniest scenes of the film, the sisters take flight on whatever cleaning apparatus they can get their hands on. Kathy Najimy lifting off on a vacuum cleaner that’s still plugged in is one of the highlights.

Black-Flame Candle

Just as the name describes, this candle literally burns a black flame but it shines no candlelight, likely because it is dark magic. Woooo! This spooky tattoo is just perfect.

Iconic Hair

The costume and hair design for Hocus Pocus is nothing short of amazing. Here, we find the beautifully coiffed wigs of the Sanderson sisters above a broom. This subtle homage to this film makes for the perfect tattoo.


Wow. This very large tattoo of Bette Midler as Winifred Sanders was a choice that paid off. We love the blue electric bolts that bring this design to life.

It’s Just a Bunch

Wow! This black and grey tattoo has it all. There are so many excellent nods to the film all incorporated into the design.


Everyone is getting Bette Midler’s face tattooed! This wonderful design features Winifred having a think. We love the red, orange, and yellow inks used for her hair. What magic!

Spellbinding Knuckles

We told you that hair was iconic! This person decided to get some micro knuckle tattoos to show their love for the Sanderson sisters.

Queen Sanderson

This near photorealistic tattoo looks just like Winnie. We love the detail paid to her costume as well as the bolts of electricity.

Take Flight

This cutesie tattoo features witch vehicles, a jack o lantern, and a certain cat we all know and love. This Halloween tattoo is everything.


Poor, Emily Binx was murdered by the trio of sisters in the 17 century. We love the tombstone imagery and that Binx is standing guard.

“What do you call em’ Max….yabbos?”

Dani Dennison is one of the most loveable characters from the film that doesn’t get enough tattoo love. We absolutely adore this minimalist portrait of a baby Thora Birch.

Mary Sanderson

We’ve all made this face, right? This excellent tattoo of everyone’s low-key favorite Sanderson sister is thrilling.

A Spell

We told you this quote from Hocus Pocus is a popular choice! Here, we find the words framed in a webbed heart. We love the addition of white ink here that makes the design really pop.


Good, Thackery Binx was transformed into an immortal black cat. He befriends Dani so it’s fitting to find his name tattooed inside this candy heart.


“My lucky rat tail! Just where I left it!” is another repeated line from Hocus Pocus. We find it here beneath a highly stylized tattoo of a very creepy Billy Butcherson.

Jack O Lantern

This exquisite Halloween tattoo of a carved pumpkin is just the sort of energy we want to be bringing to the party this fall. We love the bold design that features a glowing, sinister expression.


Aw. Tear. This Hocus Pocus tattoo has plenty of magic and reminds us of one of the sadder scenes from the film. Poor, Binx.

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Traditional Boooooook

Someone has decided to take things in a more traditional direction. This tattoo of the spellbook and the black-flame candle is a winner.


Amuck amuck amuck! This sparkling candy tattoo is inscribed with the word. We love this dazzling, pastel design.


We did not know we needed a stained glass Winifred Sanderson, but yes, yes we did. We love this colorful and creative design.

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Oh, Max! Why’d you have to make light of such a scary prospect? He lit the candle and started the whole evil mess all over again! This chilling tattoo is fabulous.

There you go! 25 Hocus Pocus inspired tattoos that bring all the witchy goodness just in time for fall. We hope you feel inspired by this ink.

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