25 Tattoos That Fall Into the Autumn Season

Raise your hand if your favorite season is fall! Yes, there are many of us that love this cozy time of year. The leaves turning into glorious golden tones and a crispness in the air are things we look forward to every year as Summer comes to a close. We know we’re not the only fall fanatics out there. So, we decided to see what sorts of Autmnal tattoos folks are getting.

The most beautiful designs contain scenes from nature. Pumpkins, leaves, flowers, and animals we associate with the season all make appearances in this list. Expect to see plenty of warm inks employed in these tattoos. Orange, mahogany, maroon, and dark green are popular choices. Here are the top 25 tattoos that celebrate all things autumn for all the fall fanatics out there.

PSL Vibes

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@renemvrie (Source)

Is that a pumpkin spice latte or is it apple cider in that mug? We wouldn’t mind one of each! This fun and bright, fall collage has some of the most beloved things enjoyed throughout the season.

Autumn Lantern

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@brynneadair (Source)

The tattoo artist who shared this image explained the concept as an “autumn lantern.” We find a somewhat spooky raven atop a glowing candle. This is so romantic and looks almost Victorian.


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@tinadimino (Source)

A cute little maple leaf banger might do the trick! Micro tattoos are great options for people who want to show their love for a thing, but not too much.


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@luarastattoos (Source)

“I can’t wait for all the leaves to turn orange and all the chestnuts [are] lying on the ground,” the tattoo artist who completed this wrote. Pretty freaking cute.  

Oh, Deer

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@maggiepaletta.tattoo (Source)

Here we have a rich fall scene centered around a deer. There is a very subtle watercolor effect that helps give this design so much character.

Fall Globe

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@litteredwithgarbage (Source)

Who needs a snowglobe when you can have a fall one? This creative idea features a haunted house and some other imagery we associate with Halloween, fall’s main attraction.

Foxy Fall

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@foxenestarr (Source)

Aw. Look at this adorable little fox. Couldn’t you just cuddle him? He’s complete with autumnal foliage that includes an especially wonderful little pinecone.


Instagram Image
@buckwendorf (Source)

Dogs love playing in fallen leaves and for many, we expect, it’s their favorite season too. This little puppy is naturally the color of fall and he’s accompanied by some sweet acorns.

Falling Into It

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@litteredwithgarbage (Source)

If you love autumn, you better tell the whole world! This half sleeve inspired by the season surely lets you know what this individual is all about.

Flowery Fall

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@lanabananderson (Source)

Fall marks the beginning of the mating season for deer so it’s appropriate that this person chose an antler as part of her design. You can never go wrong with sunflowers! A really beautiful piece.


Instagram Image
@jdmitchell_tattoo (Source)

Acorn tattoos are the most adorable things on the planet. How many of these were thrown at you as a child? These little things hurt!

Sneaky Raccoon

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@pearlwisegamgee (Source)

This little raccoon is eyeing some eggs in a bird’s nest. Very sneaky. However, we do find him cute enough and we would encourage you to get that raccoon tattoo you’ve always wanted.

Slice of Wood

Instagram Image
@hayley.tattoos (Source)

Chopped wood and stumps both make us think of campfires and warm thoughts. A slice of wood would not have been our first choice, but it works.

Leaves in the Wind

Instagram Image
@benchmarktattoos (Source)

Do you feel a little chill in the air? These dancing leaves are being tossed about by blue, cool winds. The color choices work well together and we love this design.

Fall Bouquet

Instagram Image
@kristenwilsonart (Source)

Floral tattoos are always smart. The designs are, more often than not, successful. The inks chosen for this tattoo are just breathtaking. Bravo!

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25 Tattoos That Fall Into the Autumn Season | Do you fancy yourself as a fall fanatic? Take a look at some of these autumn-inspired tattoos!

People are just nuts for these cute little acorn tattoos and we think we’ve spotted a trend this season. Here, they’ve added the features of a face to turn this acorn into a charming and whimsical character.

A Warm Cup

25 Tattoos That Fall Into the Autumn Season | Do you fancy yourself as a fall fanatic? Take a look at some of these autumn-inspired tattoos!

This tattoo of a warm mug is giving us all the fall feels. What an excellent idea! There’s nothing better than a hot cup of your favorite beverage on a chilly day.

Bob the Rabbit

Instagram Image
@alexhuntertattoos (Source)

“This is Bob,” the tattoo artist who shared this picture explained. “Bob was a mini-rex rabbit who loved the fall! Unfortunately, Bob passed on to the great carrot in the sky!” What a precious pet tribute tattoo! We love Bob. RIP.  


Instagram Image
@vanbreetattoo (Source)

With the catastrophic wildfires blazing across huge parts of the west, we were a little shocked when we first saw this tattoo. Although this person did not intend for this tattoo to look like burning mountains, it certainly does. We’re taking it as a reminder that fire season is from May until October. It, unfortunately, become a sign of fall as well, even if it’s an unwelcome one.

Autumn Wolf

Instagram Image
@caitlinstairstattoo (Source)

We don’t exactly know what an “autumn wolf” is, but we rather like the idea. This is a simply gorgeous tattoo that’s perfect from top to bottom.

It’s Our Fave Too

Instagram Image
@keepsake_studio (Source)

We’ve got a touch of Halloween incorporated into this gorgeous tribute to fall. Look at those bats in the background hovering over this delicious looking pumpkin.

Looking Ahead

Instagram Image
@zitten_tattoo (Source)

Here’s a fall tattoo with a slice of Winter as well. We know it’s kind of off the topic, but we loved this design so incredibly much. The lines are super fine which is a clue that this one was completed by hand without a machine. Wow!

Just a Gilmore Girl

Instagram Image
@litteredwithgarbage (Source)

We bet you weren’t expecting to see Lorelai Gilmore on this list, but here she is! Yes, the woman you fantasized about running a bed and breakfast with makes for a thrilling tattoo. What fun!

Wow! Pumpkin Mandala

Instagram Image
@litteredwithgarbage (Source)

This is so genius. Mandala-inspired designs are some of the most popular tattoos today. Here, the artist has incorporated signs of fall into a similar style. We love this.

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Marvelous Moth

Instagram Image
@leannatattoos (Source)

Look at these colors! Is this not one of the most beautiful ombre tattoos you’ve ever seen? With each fall, come the seasonal moths which can be a pest. However, there’s no denying this one is a stunner.

There you go! 25 fall-inspired tattoos that celebrate all things autumn. We hope you enjoyed these tattoos and they sparked your imagination about possibilities for your own!

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