25 Happy Tattoos That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

We can all use a bit of cheer these days. Luckily, you’ve got an excellent option for it in the body art you choose. Happy tattoos that bring you joy are the perfect little reminders of warmer times on dark days. Happiness looks different to everyone and thus, tattoos that express the emotion are very diverse. Designs displaying vibrant, bright colors are a popular choice, but by no measure is the only way to go.

What makes you happy? Ask yourself, “What would make me smile every single time I see it?” That’s a design you should pursue. We decided to take a look at some recent happy tattoos on social media to discover what designs are bringing people comfort right now. We were pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of inspired ink. Here are 25 happy tattoos that will certainly make you crack a smile.

Little Cat Banger

We are huge fans of any pet tattoo but have a particular soft spot for those of cats. This cheerful, minimal design features bright orange markings that are so sunny.

Rainbow Flower Power

Rainbow anything makes us instantly happy. This happy little flower with a smiley in the center is a basic design that expresses so much through color.

To the Point

If you’re someone who needs gentle reminders, “be happy” tattooed on you might be a good idea. It’s good advice!

Little Tail

Who knew a severed fishtail would spark so much joy? The animated movement lines give this one a certain fun feel. The design almost implores you to “shake your tail.”

Pretty Pastel Snake

Here, we find a simple black ink snake design filled with pastel designs. This is a very interesting concept and we love spotting the cute little smiley face inside.

On Target

When in doubt, get right to the point. This mini finger tattoo simply says “happy” using five different colors of ink. What a blast!


Do you want a little something that whispers good vibes in your ear all day long? Get an ear tattoo of something that brings you happiness.

A Bowl of the Good Stuff

We love a good food tattoo and this cheerful bowl of ramen is the happiness tonic we need right now. Getting a tattoo of your favorite foods is a winning and delicious idea!

Comic Cactus

Who needs a cute, smiling cactus? We do! We love this pink, black, and white ink plant. Getting a tattoo of your most beloved plant is also highly advised.

Hello Flower!

The tattoo artist who shared this image included the caption: “Hello Flowers are supposed to give you luck and are a reminder to be happy [wherever] you are!” Go ahead and get a Hello Flower or two.

Dazzling Dino

This adorable little dinosaur looks like it’s ready to party. We’re all about happy dinos in party hats and bowties.

A Mood

Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans, and nonhumans that are charming, vulnerable, shy, and childlike. This super kawaii scene is on a whole new level.

Smiling Simba

Disney tattoos are big favorites. Many of the characters we enjoyed as kids still bring us delight. This black ink design of Simba is a grownup version of the cartoon we all know and love.

The Happy Place

The tattoo artist who shared this image included a caption that described the tattoo as someone’s “happy place.” It includes riding a horse named Nut to a dazzling bridge.

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Take Care

For fans of the Care Bears, there is no better choice than a tattoo of Funshine floating on a rainbow cloud. We love all the pastels and, of course, this fuzzy character.

Sunflower Smiles

The versatility of flower designs is unmatched. Check out this smiling yellow flower surrounded by colorful shapes. What a dreamy design.

Fruits & Flowers

See? These flowers are completely different and are paired with juicy, delicious fruits. We love the idea of marrying a bouquet and basket of fruit in one tattoo.

Smitten Kitten

Can you jam like this cute, little kitten? We want to hear the song it’s singing.


People sure love a good Friends tattoo. The iconic scene of a turkey on Monica’s head surely makes you laugh every single time you think about it. Why not recreate that in tattoo form?

Charlie B

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Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are so endearing. The characters might remind you of holiday cartoon specials or simply quiet times enjoying the comics.


Wow! This poetic design of a girl being lifted up by balloons is remarkable. We love the watercolor effect that helps make this scene even dreamier.

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Here’s another watercolor tattoo with popping, rainbow color. The hummingbird surrounded by adorable little shapes is a merry touch.

Cute Dragon

When all else fails, get yourself an adorable little dragon tattoo. It might not come first to mind, but wouldn’t you smile every time you saw this?


Here’s another inspirational tattoo that encourages the person with it to be happy. A coconut enjoyed in the height of Summer was the influence.

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Love & Happiness

Wow! This original design of two lovers is remarkable. We love the abstract nature of the design and the rosy cheeks on both. This tattoo would certainly bring us comfort.

There you go! 25 happy, cheerful tattoos that bring the people with them so much joy. What designs make you happy? Is it cute animals? Pretty plants? Your favorite food? Whatever it is, consider getting a tattoo to remind you that goodness still exists in the world, even on the darkest days.

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