Month: August 2020

do i have to change my last name once my divorce is finalized? because i really don't want to!

Do I Have to Change My Last Name Once My Divorce Is Finalized? Because I Really Don’t Want To!

A mom writes in asking for advice about last names after divorce. This mom is currently in the process of divorcing her second husband. Though the two don’t share any children together, each has children from their previous marriages. She says despite that, she does not want to change her last name when the divorce is finalized because of the hassle. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband, however, has asked her to change her last name when all is said and done. Does she need to change it? Should she?

i want to put my infant in a single bed: is that a bad idea?

I Want to Put My Infant in a Single Bed: Is That a Bad Idea?

A mom writes in asking for advice about her infant daughter. She says she is considering moving her three-month-old out of her cot and into a single bed placed next to the parents’ bed. She says that her daughter tends to find sleeping on a bed more comfortable. Is this mom thinking too far ahead? Is it safe to put an infant in a single bed? The community weighs in with advice below.

i'm a single mom in the middle of a head lice nightmare: advice?

I’m a Single Mom in the Middle of a Head Lice Nightmare: Advice?

A mom writes in asking for advice about head lice. She says that, unfortunately, she and her children have contracted head lice. She has been running down the list of treatments and common recommendations, but so far, the problem persists. After trying things like Nix, combing, and even putting mayonnaise on her own head under a plastic bag. But she says her son, at least, is still scratching, despite the fact she doesn’t see any lice when she looks. What else should she try?

am i responsible for replacing a computer my son broke at someone else's house?

Am I Responsible for Replacing a Computer My Son Broke at Someone Else’s House?

A mom writes in asking for advice about a situation involving her son. She says her son damaged something — a computer — while staying over at someone else’s house. She wants to know if she is responsible for paying to fix the damaged computer. She believes she should not have to pay for it, because, for one thing, the adults at the house should have been watching the kids (or that they should have taken care to keep such a valuable item away from the kids), which in theory would have prevented the damage. Should she pay up?